Growth April 7, 2020

Strategies for launching with no social media presence?

Zak Erving @zakke

I've never been very good at social media. It's been over a year since my last post on Instagram, and probably longer since I've done anything past comment on a friend's post on Facebook. I'm also not particularly excited about scheduling posts, showing off daily updates, or anything of the sort, but I'm launching Prismatext next week (or the week after…who knows).

I do, however, realize that this is something that I need to do. For those of you who were/are in a similar boat as me (let's cap it at lukewarm interest), what are some of your best strategies for building up a social presence?

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    What makes you think you "need to do" social media? Is that where your users are looking for solutions to the problem you're solving?
    5 other things you could become better at with just a few weeks of spending time on them and learning:
    Content Marketing (lead magnets, blog posts, post on online forums and communities)
    Sales outreach
    Sales closing or Talking to Users
    Influencer Marketing (Let people good at social media, do it. Get the app in their hands, and make them a part of the process)

    The best part is that they compound. build on one another.

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      Your last line really resonated: all of these disparate channels do compound, and I've been making some headway on many of them.

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    I'd recommend you read "Start small, stay small", it explains well how insisting on social media is definitely not a must/priority, and how e.g. content marketing, SEO are way more important :-)

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      Thanks for the rec! Will definitely check it out :)

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    You don't need social media for a launch. But you do need a list of potential customers whom you want to make aware of your launch.

    You can build this list using social media (ex. followers on Twitter / Instagram) or you can build it without social media (ex. a mailing list).

    The important thing is to add value upfront to convince potential customers that it is worth following you on social media and/or joining your mailing list.

    On social media, the easiest way you can add value is by contributing to conversations in a helpful way. All this needs is your expertise, your opinion, your knowledge. You are probably an expert on the topic which your product is about, so this should be pretty natural. You can find conversations to contribute to by searching for hashtags, keywords, etc...

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      Great suggestion. I like the idea of contributing to new and ever-unfolding conversations more than posting into the void twice a week.

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    I think the way that's most pain-free is following + commenting on the posts of influencers and leaders in the space you want to be in.

    This accomplishes a few things:

    A) It gets your posts seen as others respond to the person with more followers -- these posts will usually have the highest impression counts.

    B) It solves the "blank page" problem -- you're not starting from scratch, you're having an opinion based on something someone else said

    C) It helps you find your voice, while also seeing what gets traction and attention

    D) It helps you find like-minded people, and start a conversation with them.

    They don't need to have HUGE follower counts, but ~500+ is a good place to start.

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      This is very helpful advice. While I myself am not particularly visible on social media, I do have a number of close friends (both online and IRL) who are and float in the relevant circles. Many of them have volunteered ahead of time to give me a bit of a boost, so maybe it's time I start thinking more intentionally about reaching out to them.