May 16, 2019

Strategy to get featured on podcasts / guest blogs?

Robin Vander Heyden @Vinrob

Hey guys,

There are a lot of blogs / podcasts that talk about entrepreneur journeys. Do you know where to find a list of these, and what would be your strategy to get featured in these?



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    Hey Robin,

    I think it's pretty much the same as any other sales strategy...

    1. Work out which podcasts/blogs you want to be featured on
    2. Create a win-win situation by aligning value with the podcast host (understand their needs)...
    3. Write an email/message to the podcast host leading with the value for them of featuring you on their podcast
    4. Include information in the email which makes you seem trustworthy, high-value (an expert) and the kind of person they'd like to spend an hour or so talking to :)

    For example, if you were trying to get featured on my Sales For Founders podcast, you might try a message that goes something like...


    Hey Louis,

    Big fan of the S4F podcast.

    Your episode with Mark Fershteyn on closing sales deals was awesome and so useful.

    Have you thought about doing a similar episode on { related subject } ?

    I know that founders struggle with that so it would be super valuable for a lot of people.

    If you'd like, I'd love to come on the show and talk you through my framework for doing { related subject }. I'm pretty good at it --> it's how I grew my own company, ManyPixels, to $55k MRR.

    Let me know if you're interested, or want me to flesh out the topic a bit for you.

    Love how you're trying to help founders and happy to support in any way possible.




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    A couple of strategies are included here but hopefully, you can get something out of it.

    Just this week I was a guest on two podcasts in my industry. I curate information about Influencer Marketing industry. One of those lists happens to be Podcasts. I've reached out before to the creators of those podcasts and they were subscribers to my newsletter.

    Just two weeks ago I put together a short email that listed off 3 of the big epic research reports and lists I made in the past 8 weeks. I sent all the hosts of the podcasts (about 8) this email outlining what I've done in 3 bullet points and hoped they could use the content for their podcasts.

    Then I put a P.S..... P.S. What do I have to do to be a guest on your podcast?

    2 people responded and I got on their podcast (just this week).

    A few key takeaways are to create a synergy, make cool stuff, and create a relationship.

    I can feature their podcast in my newsletter. And I make really shareable stuff that people can talk about. They feel smarter from talking about it. Even though I just emailed this past week I have known these people for close to a year. That helped a lot.

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    You may want to get this done with my list of 40+ guest post blogs and actually select the categories you need (with minimal publishing fee).

    Also I own a blog about education, mental health and cognitive tech. It is and has 200,000+ readers per month according to Google Analytics.

    Please, let me know if you need my assistance.

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    Hey Robin! I'll be putting together a list of such resource on my site. I can also feature your story if you want. It's still early stage so likley not many eyeballs yet, but who knows, if the site grows that could pay dividends. Let me know if you're interested and we can connect.

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      Hi, can I check the site?

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    Now I am working on it, you can check my blog!
    You have to find one niche then writing interesting stories!

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