Strength Building in Public

I find 'living in public' crucial to keeping me accountable and progressing in personal, health, wealth, and work.

It's been almost 2 years since I started 5x5, not entirely consistently, there have been times where I took breaks, but overall I think I've been doing alright.

I'm actually following in the footsteps of my 17 year old son...yes that's right, our children can help inspire us to do positive things. And it was him who has been pushing (my husband) to buy all the kit.

I'm a lucky woman! 😇

In 2021 I really want to focus in on getting the balance in on all things. Strength training is part of the picture, there are other aspects of my life I want to improve...being more strict with food and getting back into running are high up on my list too.

2020 was not a great year for managing it all. And at least for me, being public about things helps keep me motivated.

So, ala indie style, I've decided to do 'Strength Building in Public'...and I even created a Twitter hashtag for it. 🏋️‍♀️

Maybe you will consider joining me? 🥰

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    Hey Rosie,

    I have had the same problem with consistency - I'm either all in or all out!
    With the 2020 lockdown and the kids, I completely fell off the wagon fitness wise.

    Currently building HostageFund to solve this exact problem for myself (and possibly others).

    Since you are exactly the type of person I'm trying to help, I'd love it if you could provide feedback on my landing page. I'd be so grateful!


    1. 1

      Hi Nic,

      I checked out the landing page, and I like it for the simplistic web design and graphics.

      Also, the FAQ - "What kind of insane person signs up for this?" was one of my questions too :P

      Good Luck!

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    I love the concept. This is a good idea! I want to join (with slight tweak as I don’t have heavy weights at home but I’m up for being consistency for regular workout and eat healthily 😊)

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    Hehe😁 I'm impressed with your weights! 💪

  4. 1

    :D How could I not join in on the fun with this one!

    You are absolutely right. @rosiesherry.
    Consistency is key.

    PS: That's an impressive Squat. Great Job!

    1. 1

      Hah, nice one 🏋🏼‍♂️

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    One thing helped me a lot to get back into running this month: completely forget about my 'metrics' like pace, distance etc. I consider 'success' just to get out of the building & run for at least 10min; beyond this, it's all extra.

    Result is: I ran everyday so far for an average of 30min [never happened in my life haha].

    Just joined the running club on Strava btw, thanks 🙏

  6. 1

    been following. really cool. keep going!

    i use my own bodyweight — the Be your own gym thing. but, i do like weights.

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