Developers June 29, 2020

Stripe Customer Billing Portal

Leyland Jacob Elia @leylandjacob
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    Just moved to Paddle on a new app I’m building. Definitely check it out if you want tax collection etc all handled for you. Probably won’t return to Stripe now.

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      Heya! I'm a PM at Stripe and would love to learn more about what you like about Paddle w/r/t tax or payments, and what features/functions you be required for you to come back to Stripe. We've been working on new features and tools to automatically calculate sales tax for businesses selling globally, so would be happy to tell you a bit more about what we're working on if it's at all interesting -- [email protected]

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        What would be great, challenging and solving a major pain for small independent businesses would be to have a way for Stripe to be a reseller. Like Paddle, Gumroad, Fastspring. Handle VAT and global taxes for us, take a larger cut, and pay us monthly or weekly.

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        Hi @kellykmo - Sure, I'll drop you an email at some point this weekend! Personally, the ability for tax collection and display local currency for the visitor is the best part of Paddle so far :)

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        I'd also love to know more about this!

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        Very exciting to know Stripe is working on this!

        Is there any way to subscribe to future updates of this development?

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        Any idea when these are expected to roll out?

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        I'm planning on giving it a try this week. If it helps I will send you my feedback too.

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    Been using this for over a month with It's been never so easy and friction-less for my subscribers to churn.

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    Looks very cool, I will for sure use this on a future project. It would save a lot of time having to create these features in the app.

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    I'm just remembering as I go through the docs that I can't use this because it doesn't seem to support quantities... I have a seat based payment plan. So doesn't look like a good fit for that.

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    i'm planning on checkingthis out... can't wait.

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    I’m using this on my SaaS platform NullBox and its was so nice to not need to build all of that subscription management myself.

    That’s actually the longest pole in the tent for me adding BitCoin support as an alternate payment method to my service. Now I have to go back and build that functionality that the Stripe self service portal handles for me for credit card based subscriptions.

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    Great to see this, saves me so much time!

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    Could be a game changer. Thanks for sharing.