April 25, 2019

Stripe just added proper EU invoices / taxes to Stripe Billing

Tim Nolet @tnolet

This is quite useful for EU companies:


And makes my blog post https://blog.checklyhq.com/managing-eu-vat-with-stripe-for-saas-is-not-that-hard/ from last week already stale!


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    I don't like 2 things about this.

    First is that you have to create tax rates on your own. VAT rates are known for every EU country so I would expect them to be ready to use in the settings.

    The second is that you still have to deal with MOSS. It would be super helpful if Stripe would be able to deal with this somehow.

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      Stay tuned! We're working on adding more tax features: https://stripe.com/docs/billing/taxes#tax-roadmap

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        Not an option for me Edwin. I'm in Slovakia. When do you plan to expand to central Europe? I see Poland in the beta already but no Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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          No timeline yet, but we want to be there. Will let you know once we have any news.

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      The most likely reason for why they do not provide prepopulated tax rates it is because VAT is dependent on the goods. It would be amazing if stripe would handle MOSS.

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        I mean, most EU countries use the standard and reduced VAT tax rate. Here in Slovakia its 20% (standard) and 10% (reduced). So if you sell e.g. shoes you know its 20%. I would expect that you just select what goods you are selling and the system will calculate the VAT tax rate for you based on the country of the customer and the goods type. It would be really helpful.