Stripe Plans Upgrading/Downgrading Embedded Widget. Will It Be Useful For Your SaaS?

Hi guys! Just wondering would you be interested to use some sort of "Stripe Plans Upgrading/Downgrading Widget" as a small embedded web component for your SaaS? The use case is pretty straightforward: if your customer wants to upgrade/downgrade a current plan or change the plan's billing interval (from month to annual) the widget will render and handle all the details hiding Stripe API integration based on your Stripe configuration. I'm currently working on this implementation for my service and recon is there any market/demand for the generic solution like that? You could also DM me if you'd like to try it in alpha. Cheers!


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    If it's just the upgrade/downgrade widget, I wonder who the market would be. Anyone who needs this has already done some Stripe integration (e.g. for sign-up), and adding an upgrade/downgrade isn't much more complicated.

    If you tackled the entire billing portal, that might be valuable. That would be: 100% of the Stripe integration, receipt generation, historical receipts, a place for users to enter/update their billing information, upgrade (not necessarily downgrade), switch to annual billing, etc.

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    Awesome guys, thanks for all your feedback. I will give it a thought.

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    The code to do this is pretty manageable. Any decent developer should be able to get it working within a day or two or so (including testing, rollout and rework). Maybe three taking into account design and debugging.

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    I think https://www.servicebot.io/ is trying to solve this problem as well.

    I'm in the process of building the dashboard by hand. Seems like a massive waste of time, but i'm not going to pay $50 a month when the product is earning $0.

    Also being locked in is a problem.

    If you could create an opensource solution and then offer hosted that would be a great way to market it.

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