March 24, 2019

Struggling to find a name for my product

Ryan Pergent @Div

I am looking for name ideas, but I would love some advice: what can I do if I find a name that I really like but the domain name is already taken?

The product
I am building an app to create stories/design.

The main aspect is that it lets you have everything on one screen (with panning, zooming and moving the elements around), so you can navigate your content without having to open multiple tabs. It makes it convenient to compare different parts of the plot, different characters, etc.

3 Names that I really like but are already registered (obviously): Odysee, Twine, Unweave.

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    easy and still available. I would suggest stick to .coms.

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      Adding app and the end is a great idea. I was also worried about not being a ".com".
      In general, I don't like the idea of having another website existing with the same name but using .com while I use something like .io

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    I feel your pain (along with many other Indie Hackers I imagine) and I think you have a few options:

    Some sites I use for domain inspiration are:

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      A temporary url is cool idea. I think I will go with that! Thanks for the urls!

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    How about Fierytail? It's like a fairytale but, you know.

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    If you really like those names then you can try .io or .co TLD instead of going with .com (there are plenty of .io companies nowadays) Or you can also try adding an extra letter which does not matter like

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    What about GetOdysee, GetTwine, and so on? Or Use[Name].com / [Name]App

    The domain name doesn't matter at the very early stage of the company. As long as it's easy to pronounce over a phone call.

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