Struggling with conversions - any feedback appreciated 🙂

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    Very simply, there is too much text on your page. Needs to be cut down 75%.

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      Thanks Nick,
      I was kinda thinking that myself, but hit the problem "what to cut out"?

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        the first pass should be about rephrasing and simplifying. Use less words and once you have made it as lean as you can go through and see what info can be moved to another page or read in a deep dive. Keep everything people need to make a decision NOW and put the rest elsewhere or kill it. Don't repeat, don't over-describe etc.

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          Great advice - thanks!

          I now need to digest all this feedback and put it into action.

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    Great idea, needs good UX
    This almost looks like the course selling website

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      Great feedback, thanks.
      This site has changed over the past 12 months and now that I look back to what it was, it's become bloated and distracting.
      UX work starts this weekend! 👍

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    You really need a designer. It's not only about too much text, it's also poorly presented (sorry for me being too straight here). Maybe it's just Joomla that's a bit dated.

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      Being straight, is just what I want, thanks for being honest.
      I have a lot of work to do....


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        Also, I'm not a huge fan of your domain name :)
        "ThatBookingApp" gives me the impression that it's a copy of some other usual booking app, and not much innovation / distinct value proposition. Not saying that's the case, just from a customer perspective that's the impression I get.

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          Thanks again, you're the first to mention the name. I'll give it some thought.


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    Don't use those big slideshow images to show what kind of customers you are after and what kind of businesses they are in - show lots more branded versions of your app being used by people. You aren't showing your service, you are showing your customer's service. Ditch the slideshow, add more screenshots of the app rebranded. Show me, the potential customer, what I get.

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      Hey Dean,
      Thanks for the feedback, it's really appreciated.
      The slideshow is about to be ditched!!

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    I agree with the comments about reducing text.

    I'd also get rid of the carousel. It's too distracting (great article about carousels and why they don't convert - https://cxl.com/blog/dont-use-automatic-image-sliders-or-carousels/)

    You could also use something like https://hellovoco.com/ to help you get to the point and tell visitors why they should use your product - sorry, personal promotion :-).

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      Hey Shaun,
      Thanks for the comments and for the links. The article raises some good points - time to replace the slider!!

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    My first impression was that page does not look professional:

    • too much text
    • the heading and the body fonts don't look good together
    • the images are pixelated
    • the colors don't harmonize

    I'd suggest to hire a graphics designer to redo the page and maybe the logo too. It probably would not cost more than £ 500-600.

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      Thanks John,
      Everyone agrees, too much text - time to start cutting.
      The headings and text are all the same font, just different sizes, so not sure what you men. The slideshow does use a different font, but that is going anyway.
      Which images do you see pixelated, they look fine here.


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        Hey! Sorry, I did not mean to offend you or anything. Just trying to be helpful by giving honest feedback.

        About the fonts, as far as I can see your headings - like "Putting more money in your wallet one booking at a time" uses a font family "Roboto", Helvetica, serif
        While the text underneath uses: Open Sans

        Font pairing is crucial to have great design. If you want to do it yourself, you can use for example: https://www.fontpair.co/

        In your app slideshow the text and the edges are pixelated:

        I'd also suggest to revisit the colors. Colors are also very important. If they don't harmonize people will find your page ugly. There are rules how you should pair them. Fortunately you can use palette generators like https://coolors.co/

        Another important thing is spacing, the whole page has to have a rhythm. So, section spacing, section sizes, font sizes, line heights, alignments should be in harmony. Otherwise your page end up looking corny.

        Usually a good graphics designers know these things and can create a design that follows the rules and will look awesome. That is why I suggested to hire someone. That is what I do, because I am not really good at these things and if I did my own designs the would look awful.

        Hope this helps.

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          No offence taken and thanks for taking your time for this awesome review - it really is appreciated!
          I'll need to go thought the site and sort things out.
          Thanks again 👍

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    I looked past the font/size/layout issues; the problem I had was the part where the customers who are booking appointments (consumers, not business owners) have to download your App. They can't just do it in the browser. That was the turnoff for me. It feels like a hurdle, the consumer has to download and install an App before they can see what times are available for a haircut or golf lesson.

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      Thanks Jesse,
      That's an interesting observation, since the business owner can have booking form on their website so that consumers can book without the app. The app of course is a key point of difference for repeat bookings.
      I'll review the words and try to make it clearer.

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    1. Too much text
    2. Too little visual
    3. Most important the CTA should be first thing to be seen by a visitor
    4. CTA is not clear
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      Thanks Shiva,
      Yeah, the CTA def needs to be clearer.

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    • Way too much copy
    • I'd use illustrations as opposed to stock images (there are tons of free illustration websites)

    Also, you can use our product for free, to check where visitors are dropping off

    Here's a live example

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      Thanks Monil,
      Everyone is saying too much text, I have some work to do...
      Are you saying to create illustrated pictures of the product rather than the stock images in the slider?

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        Nope, I mean replace the pictures you have in your slider "for hair dressers" etc, with animated illustrations

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          Ahh, I hadn't thought of doing that, I'll have a look for a suitable tool.

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              Thanks, I'll check it out 👍

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