Product Development February 7, 2020

Stuck on deciding on a name, any tips?


I'm stuck on deciding on a name. I know it's irrational and the name doesn't really matter in the end, but I still can't decide. All ideas i've had don't really feel 100% what I want the name to signal. I want it to be at least a little bit descriptive, not too boring, also not too cute.

Happy to hear tips on how to overcome this and get going :)

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    Do you care about a dot com domain name?

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      Not necessarily, thinking about using .app as the main TLD. I don't want there be an existing company with the same name though, just to be safe.

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    Try this:

    You put in some keywords and it will generate ideas for you. Add the ones you want to a list/spreadsheet then experiment with mix/matching your own :-)

    I always leave it for a few days then and come back to it with a fresh head to see which one I prefer.

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      Nice tool, it even generates some default logos to make it visual!

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    Tell me what your business is about and I'll give you about 20 ideas and you can go check if the URL is available.

    We can keep going until you find something you like.

    Alternatively you can use a website called "Squad help". They have lots of creatives willing to satisfy your naming needs.

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      It's a show/gig scheduling tool for artists. Thanks in advance :)

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        Would you like a descriptive name or a made-up name....and I'm going to need more details.

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    Combine two related words from your business, slap a io extension since all coms are taken. And there you go, your new business name! A business name shouldn’t take you more than 4 hours.

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      I made a list and checking all permutations in a bit! Good idea!

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    I saw this post recently, might help a bit?

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    My process is all about finding words that connect to what the project is or stands for. Once i have a decent pool of words i look at them all individually and see how they sit, i also sometimes see if i can blend multiple together to create something unique. What i often find is to keep it short and think beyond the obvious choices.

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    I always focus on the domain! Thus I recommend for playing with names and seeing if something sticks.

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    I can totally relate to your problem, have been there too.

    The most effective thing you can do now: Set a 10 minutes timer and register the best domain that comes to your mind within that time!

    Your name doesn't matter this much in the beginning. You can always change it later at any later point in time. The most important thing for you is to get started and put something online, not to fuss about domain names.

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      I like the idea of time boxing and just swinging it. Will set a limit (maybe a bit more than 10 minutes though :)