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Student Project - Send your business

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for people to register their businesses for my class next semester — Introduction to Marketing at Cape Breton University.

Traditionally these courses would feature fake businesses, but I want to give students’ final assignments more relevance!

Check out the registration form here:


And I’d appreciate if submissions could be submitted before December 18th :)

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    It's cool that such projects are organized for students. I would like to develop in this direction. But I am studying in a medical college and now all my efforts are aimed at increasing the level of knowledge in this area. We are with https://www.fellowshippersonalstatements.com/fellowship-personal-statement-writing-services/medical-fellowship-personal-statement/ preparing a scholarship application within the medical community and I have big plans. Perhaps even for their implementation, I will also participate in a marketing business project.

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