Developers February 13, 2020

Suggestions for tools to build a mobile app MVP as fast as possible?


Basically, I'm looking to make an app that finds nearby foods based on ingredient content. So, at the minimum it should track the user's location.

I've been thinking of learning Flutter as I've been told its useful and cross platform. But to build an MVP and see if it's okay, I'm wondering if there are more efficient tools to just get my MVP out there....Or pehaps Flutter is fast enough? (I do remember making a simple app in Android Studio in a few hours)

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    You might want to consider a Progressive Web App (PWA). These are web pages that you can install as an app on your phone's home screen, and it launches in its own frame just like any other app. Modern phones enable PWAs to access location, camera, and a bunch of other things, so if you don't need that tight integration with the OS then you'll save a lot of time and effort.

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    As mentioned by @rmkennedy you should strongly consider PWA, also you better prioritise core features that's gonna add value to your customers and focus on it.
    In case, you are interested in working with other development team check out our offering for quick MVP development @

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    Hey. I have a software development background and have been working with engineers over the last 10 years. During the last 3 years, we've built apps in Ionic, Native, React Native and eventually Flutter starting in March 2019. I'm also building my latest in Flutter (with Firebase as backend which I learned during the project). I'm lucky to have a couple of smart developers around to help. Based on my experience Flutter has a steep learning curve but once you spend the time to learn it, building and launching an app on both platforms is far more of a breeze as compared to React Native. The syntax will be a bit different for building the UI if you're used to HTML/CSS or React Native but once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to build a robust app in a very short time-frame :)

    All the best :)

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    I think you should concentrate on the business and not the development. You can find people on fivver that will build a simple app. It certainly won't be for $5 but if you shop carefully I think it would be a great way to start with an MVP.

    Remember to value your time. It's not really free if you spend weeks of your time learning how to build an app.

    Having said that it seems react native is a very popular way to build a multi platform app.

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    How about some visual coding tools like Bubble / Thunkable / Webflow / GlideApps?

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    Is this just a fun idea, or is this a profitable business you're building?

    If it's the latter, did you validate that you have a paying customer base that has this particular pain that this app would solve, and that they're willing to pay for it?

    Code should be the absolute last thing you'll do, it's the most expensive step.

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      Profitable, but I did not validate for this idea. I had another which had SOME users say they would pay for it. Maybe I'll stick to that one instead....
      You're abosolutely right that it should be the last thing I do. Common sense as I look at it now.

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    I'm working on a React Native boilerplate at the moment, although it won't be available until early March 🙃 ?

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    I am about to release a private preview of that does what you need.

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    If you want to make it now, do it with what you are familiar with so you can save yourself the time to learn. A change in tool doesn't worth that much, especially when Flutter is designed with quick prototyping in mind.
    If you have time to learn then pratice creating a lot of new MVP, this will save you a lot of time struggling with small decisions when the time comes.