March 8, 2019

Suggestions on homepage improvements

Manos Kalaitzoglou @zanzavar

Hi Indiehackers! We launched a few months ago our beta at Our homepage currently leaves something to be desired :) and i would be very interested in your #feedback as to how we can improve its content and value proposition.

Currently our visitor to subscriber conversion rate is at 6% and we get 3-4 signups per day which i suppose is quite low... What could we improve? Thanks!


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    I'm still confused as to what this is. "Game design" to me means Unreal Engine or Unity, whereas I'm guessing this is for designing the narrative aspects of such games. Perhaps "story design" or "narrative" would be better. Perhaps this is down to me not being your target audience but I think this would warrant some more thought. (scrolling down to the tweets tells me this is the case!)

    Great design and colours. Well done!

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      Thank you Paul! Indeed game design refers to documenting (usually by just writing down) how the game works and reacts, whereas game engines like Unreal or Unity help in the development of the actual game. However i agree that an additional mention to "narrative design" might indeed help to describe the product better for people not very familiar with the game industry

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    Good comments already. Things I'd try:

    Instead of the icons and boxes for features, try screenshots of the feature. I kinda skipped that area scrolling, but there is a lot of info there. Showing it with the product may help - in fact, showing more of the product would help.

    Consider placement and microcopy of CTAs. Sign-up free sounds like it might be free for a time period, then I have to pay. Add some microcopy that says free for 2 products. I'd also consider another CTA on the page, perhaps right at the top of the page under "Arcweave makes game design and documentation a breeze." (I agree with @pablof7z 's suggestions there - same with his screenshot comment). Also, look at the placement of the bottom CTA, maybe move it above the twitter comments or give it some design attention (whitespace?) to let it stand out more (Start by adding the microcopy I mentioned, then adjust as needed).

    Also, consider a video of the product. More showing what it does.

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      Thanks @BenGrace, really valuable comments. I am a little skeptical to include many product screenshots in case it becomes too cluttered for the eye to focus but i guess it could use a few more. Microcopy can also be improved as you said, will see if i can make it more descriptive and prominent.

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    I'd revisit the main pitch "Arcweave makes game design and documentation a breeze." talks about your product, not about the pain you're trying to solve. Compare that to mixpanel's "Grow your business by learning why users convert, engage, and retain".

    In general, the whole text feels very much "these are our features", but it leaves out the why your customers should care about those features.

    Try to think "what super-power will your users have thanks to Arcweave?". Answer that clearly in the copy. Hotjar's promise is great: "The fast & visual way
    to understand your users" (they even highlight the "understand your users"). There is no doubt what hotjar's customers will get from using it.

    Also, the only screenshot in the page is pushed outside the viewport on my mac. It wasn't immediately clear that I could scroll to see the whole window, which made that demo feel unclear. Also, I'm not your audience, maybe it's clear for your audience, but for me that demo is not immediately clear what's happening, I understand you're creating a flow chart, but what's that for? Just for the documentation? Not sure, the demo just restarts when you set the success and failure pathways, but not sure what's that for.

    Hope that helps!


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      Thanks @pablof7z great remarks on communicating the pain point instead of the features. Something along the hotjar lines e.g. "The fast and visual way to design games" will probably be a lot more efficient. I also agree on the position of the animated gif, perhaps some scaling is in order to make sure it always fits on users resolution.

      As for the product value it resides in the multiple boards and components, which i agree are also not clearly described in the animated gif. Either i will redo it with more info on the value points or add more animated gifs to describe each part separately.

      Thank you for your great feedback!

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        I'm glad you found the feedback useful.

        I see in my journey and others' as a developer/entrepreneur that I invest hundreds of hours in making a fantastic product and then I spend 20 minutes putting together a sales page 🤦🏻‍♂️

        It's obvious you invested a lot of effort into making this product, now just do the same selling your vision to your audience! 💪🏻

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          Yep, you are absolutely right on that one :) Also i hate to admit it but i am a terrible salesperson. I guess you can avoid only for so long what you don't like when you are building a product :p

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    I think it needs more content. I found myself reading, scrolling to the bottom and surprised I had run out of content. Looked for a 'features' page to learn more, and you don't have one. I think each of the points in the middle of the page could be elaborated on with their own sections, animations etc.

    The big question for me as well - is which games (or game studios) have used it. That would be a real confidence booster. If you told me Rockstar used this, I think it would sell like hotcakes. So probably a list of logos of games and studios.

    I don't love the color theme. I see that it's meant to resemble the app UI itself, but it actually causes the app animation to be slightly less noticeable. Having the whole site in white or black for example would probably bring more attention to these animations.

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      Great points @adamski thanks! :D