Developers November 25, 2019

Suggestions on how to distribute my MVP made in Java Swing?


I have a desktop application made in Java Swing. I'm wondering which platform to use to allow people to download it. Should I just use github? Or should I host on DigitalOcean for cheap?
Also, where should I tell people. I'm thinking here on IndieHackers and maybe some subreddits... But, I'm not entirely sure where to post it and get feedback.


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    My desktop application Tealpod Image Compressor( ) is made using JavaFX/Swing (only for MacOS). It is distributed with, you can easily update your app and also see usage analytics etc. It won't cost you anything.

    You can announce on Indiehackers, it is primarily decide based on who your intended audience are. check

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      Hmm.. I contacted Paddle for their pricing info, and they were super unprofessional. Their reviews have also fairly high number of vendors who say Paddle just discontinued their contract without warning, effectively killing their sales.

      Be very careful if you use Paddle for actual eCommerce.

      Ps. And same pitch as to the OP... Our tool ( is a new kind of Java Debugger, which hopefully helps you develop faster, and for which I'd love to hear your feedback in real Swing/JavaFX use. Free lifetime license for your thoughts?

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        Thank you for the paddle suggestion. I will keep it in mind.

        Your tool BugJail looks nice, I am not need it as of now, but will keep it in mind.


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      Also, I'm wondering, do you have any suggestions on how to distribute your MVP to a target audience? In other words, find the customers who would like to try out the MVP.

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        I am not of much help on marketing side. Its different question and generally you can good response on IH, just frame it properly.

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      Sweet, thanks

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    I have desktop application written with mainly Java. I evaluated the options you mention, but in the end chose to pay the higher price for proper CDN distribution.

    My reason for CDN was that getting early users is hard/expensive, so it is better to pay couple of dollars more per month for the fastest possible download speed, which minimizes the number of hard-earned potential early users who abort the download half way due to download taking too long.

    Ps. Our application is a new kind of Java debugger, but we don't have any Swing users.. I'd really love to get you onboard as an early adopter and the first Swing user ("free lifetime license for your thoughts" perhaps?). You can get the tool from and my IH profile has direct contact info, please get in touch if interested!

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      Yeah free is a price I think I can afford... When I get a break from my tasks at my current job, I'll take a look :)