Landing Page Feedback October 20, 2020

Summarize my LP in one sentence, and I'll do yours

Cecilia Razak @slideswithfriends

We're getting our launch plans together, and would love some gut reactions to our landing page! I think we're at a 75%, and I want to get the messaging that extra mile.

If you write one sentence that best describes the product and/or benefits of what you think we do (from what you can glean from a good overview of our landing page), I'll do the same for you!

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    Make your presentations interactive. Literally.
    With “slides with friends” while you are presenting the slide, your audience can click on it... and cool stuff happens.

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        Test your voice and find out what songs (and artists) you can sing!

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    I understand why you're asking, it's kind of hard to come up with a single sentence. I wrote something and then realized it was almost identical to the subtext in your hero...

    You built a flexible tool that makes it possible to do almost anything, but it might help for you to narrow down your marketing. For instance, you could focus on the games part only, for all target groups. Or you could focus on how it helps people at work, with team building, user feedback, product building... Just my two cents.

    My partner was looking for a way to do live polls the other day. She's a school teacher. This would have been great.

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      The more we're working on this, the more we've been thinking you're totally right: narrow down on target.

      Kind of like the Notion founder was saying in an interview i heard recently (and I'm paraphrasing) "we built this thing that's a no-code database for everyone... but no one is looking for 'a no-code database.' When we narrowed it down to the smaller things people were actually using it for / pain points, that's when people started using it (and for the things we were offering, just without knowing it)." (that's a very general gist) So our current task is trying to figure out the right pain point / community target. Is it games, is it coworking ice breakers, etc... Bc you're right, the thing we've built is super flexible, but no one needs the flexibility, they need it for their use case.


      Send me your site, and I can send some feedback!

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        Thanks, can I keep the favor for later? :p

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    Nice. My quick two cents - it did take me a second or two to put together the intent of the product. I read the first title as an unfinished pitch - "In 2019 Zoom...". Once I got that it was an example, my brain clicked and I thought "that's a clever idea". The example of use made it click for me. Overall good stuff!

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    Slideshow with embedded social widgets on steroids.

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      Ha! I love this. Thank you!

      Reply with your link and I'll do yours :)

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        I'm glad! Sorry, I'm not working on any project ATM.

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