Daily Stand-up January 26, 2020

Sunday Stand Up, baby!

Janice @Janice

What will you accomplish by end of January?
What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?
What will you do today?

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    🐔What will you accomplish by end of January?

    All four January Products SHIPPED!

    🐔What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?


    Posted our project https://mywifisign.com to Product Hunt and reddit yesterday, ended up spending the whole day responding to awesome feedback from tons of people on reddit and woke up today to find ourselves in the #1 spot on Product Hunt which was a completely unexpected success since I just made a post and hoped for the best, it has been a wonderful experience


    🐔What will you do today?

    Come off of the high from yesterdays success and buckle down on next weekends release! I need to finish the back to front end interaction and polish up the UI / UX for our progress tracker. I would love to have as successful of a launch next time around, but I'm not counting on it ;)

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    DATE: January 26th, 2020

    What will you accomplish by end of January?

    • Finish reading through and completing exercises for "The Haskell Book"
    • Finish MVP of TinyDevCRM

    What did you do yesterday to work towards your goal?

    • Worked a little bit on product development overview for TinyDevCRM
    • Realized Disqus was secretly hosting ads on my technical website, removed comments functionality and posted apology / psuedo post-portem

    What will you do today?

    • Finish detailing product development overview
    • Read through and complete exercises for Chapter 26 and 27 / 31 of "The Haskell Book"
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      Total props to you for sticking to completing the Haskell Book, you're almost there!

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        Totally second this! You've been dedicated!

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          Thank you Janice! And thank you for making all these wonderful daily stand-up posts and being so reliable :)

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      11:57PM ET

      RescueTime statistics: 5h 3m (72% productive)

      Still working on Chapter 26 / 31 of "The Haskell Book", switched to working on the product discovery document for tinydevcrm-mvp, need to finish early tonight for submission for Pioneer.app weekly updates due 3:00AM ET Monday, January 27th.

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    For her birthday, I promised my Mama I'd build her website for an upcoming blues festival. So I'll get cracking on that today. I'll likely use Gatsby + Contentful. But open to other (JS) suggestions!

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      Nice, so does Mama sing or play an instrument?

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        Nope. She's the County Administrator. With an extremely limited budget. But she definitely played my heart strings.

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      That's really great of you! Three.JS could be a really fun thing to incorporate into a more artistic website. I wish you the best of luck :)

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        Wow! Thanks for the lead! Some of those portfolio sites are TASTY. I don't know if I have the talent/skill set to play... but I'll find out!

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    Shout out to all my failures. We out here

    Started researching an idea Friday/Saturday, stopped working on it Sunday. Woke up with just no motivation and lots of self-doubt. I will push on this week.

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    1. January

    • Have a magic moment w/ a customer!
      2. Yesterday/Friday
    • Finish editing transcripts.
    • Prospect potential leads for Jovial.
      3. Today
    • Review OKRs and KPIs to remind myself.
    • Summarize interview findings.