#SupportAnIndie - lets help each other!

It's December, and that means that a lot of larger companies have remaining budgets they either need to spend (or lose) or are looking to see if it makes sense to have expenses count towards this fiscal year instead of the next.

So what better way to help them than by supporting ...indie developers! (for who December is usually a much slower month)

I started a twitter thread with a bunch of the indies I know:

Share out your own indie company down here and on Twitter with the hashtag #SupportAnIndie and I'll RT it, and I hope others will join in.

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      Yo, thanks for the tag Graeme, I am super happy to let you know I have good news, by 20 Dec this year we are opening our closed beta for the waitlist program. And Sales plans are also ready. If anyone is interested please feel free to join our waitlist here https://olvy.co/

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        ooo it's opening!! 🎉

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          Yes can't wait to show the world what we have built so far 🙌🏻

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            I hope a new landing page that doesnt hijack my scroll wheel

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              Absolutely, the current landing page was more of the idea from a creative point of view, of how we can show some text that gives the idea of the product. But the next landing page is for sure going to be a full-fledge Saas product landing page 🙌🏻 ✌️

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      Thank you, Graeme :D

      You should support Letter.so maa fellow hackers :D

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    Thanks a lot! Great idea! My product: https://undersend.com

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    Great idea @Kilian

    Here is our project.
    Helping companies easily give and receive peer feedback in Slack. Https://inkrement.io

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      Cool, tweet it out so I can RT!

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    Hey, great idea, I would love support on my project www.mockmechanics.com, and since it's a no code tool, it can even be useful to other indies in the future, it's a meta indie project if you will :)

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      Fun! Tweet it out so I can RT!

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    Awesome! Thank you for helping us with your twitter followers

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    December is usually a much slower month

    Ha! You can say that again!
    I don't know what has happened this year but Flookup has had a very rocky ride.

    Regardless, here is my project: www.getflookup.com.
    Let's end 2020 on a high!

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      Shared it out! :) If you're open to it I'd love to give you some feedback on your site, DM me (on twitter) if you're interested!

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        I sent you a DM too!

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    I love it! I run speckled and roadvote.io.

    I'm trying to get better at supporting fellow indiehackers by keeping a public list on my about page. This indies supporting indies idea is great! 🙂

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    Great idea Kilian 👏

    I’d go with my Sidemail they have a new indie tailored price plan, super nice.

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    Awesome idea! And thank you for the mention.

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