Ideas and Validation December 9, 2019

Survey-based trip planning (validating the price)

Jakub Kliszczak @jacobk

How much would you pay (if any amount) for a full trip plan including flights, exact destinations, places to stay, things to do, restaurants to eat, sights to visit, tips, useful guides, based on survey you complete and delivered in 24 hours?

Thanks in advance!

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    Tough to put an amount on it at the moment, but if it took 24 hours, then probably something like $5 - $10. If it could be a lot quicker (minutes, not hours) I would pay more

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      Would it make a difference if it was a hand-curated trip plan rather than an automated process done by some hard-coded algo?

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        Yes, but only if it really was focused on what I want. I am very specific about what I like/want on a trip, so if it was 100% personalised on what I want (no selling of other non related products/suppliers), then I certainly would consider spending more.

        To add some context to this, I normally spend a good 2-3 days researching a holiday (not all consecutive time), so I would be interested in such a product.

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          That's exactly what I'm aiming for.
          2-3 days is, in my opinion, a minimum time a person spends on planning their trip. Thus, I guess, when done properly - hand-curated and personalized using the survey - it would be worth its price.

          Thanks for your answers!

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            You're welcome!

            I agree, 2-3 days is a minimum time for people who fall into the category of planning a holiday (by this I mean, this does not include people who just randomly pick somewhere, or go to the same place all the time).

            Good luck!

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