Swipe has launched on Product Hunt!

Hey guys! I've been working on this for a while, and the day is here!


Currently in 3rd position, 1.5k in revenue.

Swipe is a collection of conversion strategies for SaaS startups. It's made with bootstrappers and SaaS companies in mind.

Would love your support! 🤗😍

Happy to answer any questions!

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    I see IHer on product hunt. I upvote.
    Good luck with the launch!

    Been reading a lot on human psychology and persuasion these days, so skimming through your website to see how many human psychology practices you have employed.
    Limit of 100 -> Scarcity
    Free Sample -> Reciprocity
    Logos -> Social Proof
    Testimonials -> Social Proof, plus Authority Deference
    Money back guarantee -> not sure, which one does this employ ? I get that it helps reduce risk, but from a psychology perspective what's at play?

    1. 2

      Thanks for the upvote!

      Money back guarantee = just me having faith in my product ;) I want people to feel confident that there is something there for them, and if they truly don't benefit, then I shouldn't keep their money.

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    Congrats! Just upvoted. Hope it gets up high! 📈

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      Thank you for your support Brayden! Every bit helps ;)

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    Update: Passed $2k in sales so far. Way beyond my expectations. Did not think I'd top 1k. Thanks to everyone who has upvoted (and purchased!!)

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    Just upvoted, nice work! Not focused on growth right now but am bookmarking it.

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      Thank you for your support! Logology looks awesome, I'd love to learn how you are marketing it!

      1. 2

        Right now it's just participating on IH and Reddit with some word of mouth. Actually have way bigger plans but want to get to product market fit first!

        1. 3

          Right on! Love the hustle attitude! Are you on Twitter? Would love to follow your journey and chit chat ;)

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    Huge congrats! I've just grabbed a copy!

    You can either spend 6 months learning human psychology and come up with your own experiments OR borrow from the proven techniques that @genemachine has meticulously curated TODAY.

    Gene is so knowledgeable about conversion optimization, and I am so glad that he has turned his insight into a product that will save each of us months of re-inventing the wheels.

    1. 2

      Thank you Terry! You've been so supportive. This is what's awesome about IH -- get to meet people, make friends, and get inspired to act 🤗

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    Update: just blasted past $3k sales. My original goal was $1k so this is already way beyond expectations!

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