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TablePlus, FightCamp, and 2 More Rapidly Growing Opportunities

Josh Howarth @joshahowarth

Exploding Topics scours the internet to find emerging trends before they take off.

Here are four of the latest developments, along with some insights and analysis to help you take advantage.

1. TablePlus

TablePlus is a native app for managing databases.

What makes TablePlus unique is that it works for several popular database types, like PostgreSQL, Redis, and mongoDB.

TablePlus garnered over 300 upvotes for its “Show Hacker News” launch and has since raised an undisclosed venture round.

Plus, unlike many database clients and tools, TablePlus offers a perpetual license for $59.

What’s next:

TablePlus is part of the “software by developers for developers” meta trend.

According to Slashdata, there were 18.9 million developers in 2019. This is forecast to grow to 45 million in 2030. But for developers, software isn’t magic – which means they expect high-quality code.

Other fast-growing software for developers includes Istio (microserver management software), Jupyter (interactive codebooks), Tmux (terminal multiplexer), Wakatime (dev time tracking tool), and ScoutSuite (cloud application testing software).

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2. FightCamp

FightCamp is Peloton for boxing.

In other words, it’s a smart punching bag. Like Peloton, FightCamp has a subscription revenue model for live and on-demand classes.

According to Forbes, FightCamp usage hit an all-time high in March. However, search growth is actually significantly higher now than it was then. And FightCamp’s founder reports that sales are up 7x year-over-year (revenue is currently estimated to be between $5M-10M per year).

Punchlab is FightCamp’s main competitor in the “smart punching bag” space.

What’s next:

FightCamp is part of the “Peloton for X” meta trend. Peloton’s annual revenue recently hit $1.8B (20.6% of which comes from subscriptions). And dozens of fitness startups are trying to emulate the Peloton business model. Other examples of this trend include Zwift, Clmbr, Tonal, and JaxJox.

3. Portable Washing Machine

Searches for “portable washing machine” are up 144% over the last 5 years.

What is it?

A portable washing machine (also called a “mini washer”) is a miniature version of a full washing machine that ties into a sink or bucket of water.

Demand for the product began to spike during the pandemic. Many consumers decided to invest in a portable washing machine that could be used at home instead of going to the laundromat.

However, even with lockdowns easing up in many places, demand hasn’t fully died down. That’s because portable washing machines are more eco-friendly than traditional versions. A traditional washing machine uses around 9 gallons of water per load. A portable washing machine uses only 6 gallons.

There are signs that this product category has room to grow. Last month, Red Bull ran it’s annual “Basement” innovation competition. Out of 3,800 products, a portable washing machine came out on top.

What’s next:

Portable washing machines are part of the “Portable Appliance” metatrend. Other examples of this trend include portable blenders, portable ovens, portable fridges, and portable bidets.

4. Tongue Scrapers

Tongue scrapers are dental hygiene products used to scrape plaque from the tongue.

A study published in the Journal of Periodontology found that tongue residue is responsible for half of all cases of bad breath (excluding the 15% of cases not originating in the mouth).

But demand is also on the rise due to increased awareness of oral health in general. The oral care market as a whole is currently worth $45.8 billion. And that’s forecast to rise to $53.3 billion by 2025.

AMANO, a prominent tongue scraper brand, has revenue that fluctuates between $5k-$9k per month. And the most popular tongue scraper on Amazon ranks in the top 150 in the “Health and Household” category.

What’s Next:

Tongue scrapers are part of the home healthcare product meta trend.

The global home healthcare market was worth $281.8B last year. By 2027, the space is expected to reach over $517B . Electric toothbrushes alone are a $2.5B industry. While massage chairs form a $1 billion industry of their own — which is expected to increase to $1.75 billion in the next seven years.

Other growing products in the home health and hygiene space include reusable q-tips, facial saunas, and massage guns.

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  1. 3

    Shoutout to @tungtono for TablePlus.

    That Hacker News post that kicked off his journey was completely accidental (via We got featured on Hacker News... by accident):

    I only used Hacker News to read the news and find interesting stuff, but never actually submitted anything. I wondered how is it like to submit a post to Hacker News. So before packing our stuff and leaving the office, I used my new account and submitted the link to our post introducing TablePlus to Hacker News without expecting anything in particular. I was just trying to “check it out”. […]

    I sent the post URL to my co-founder, Huy, informing him of my submission. […]

    [W]e got back to work for a while until 30 minutes later, Huy yelled:

    "We’re on the front page!"

    1. 1

      Aha - that's fantastic!

    2. 1

      TablePlus is awesome software. One of the few dev tools I've paid for. I do wish their Linux version was a bit more polished.

      1. 1

        Awesome - I have a tab pinned with TablePlus for when I get some time to give it a test drive :)

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