Developers March 28, 2020

Takeaways for the Graph Visualization&Analysis Ecosystem

Vladimir @vladOsaurus

Hi IHers,

we all do love interactive visualizations. Here to give you some useful info regarding the graph visualization tools (see the top-right corner of the image)

JavaScript Graph Visualization Libraries

  • Cytoscape JS: visualize biological and molecular interactions;
  • Sigma JS: graph viz in web apps;
  • Cola JS: drawing graph layouts aesthetically;
  • VivaGraph JS: ideal for web apps;
  • Springy JS: designed to be lightweight;
  • InfoVis: Interactive DataViz for the Web;
  • Vis JS: designed to be scalable DataViz tool;
  • GO JS: build graphs and diagrams in many domains;

Data Repositories

Question for you

Which of these tools have you been using? Please feel free to share any experience, I would like to learn more and remember: "Visualization gives you answers to questions you didn’t know you had."

Thank you for reading! If you find this sort of thing useful please take a look at my blog post. Any questions, I will be in the comments, happy to answer you.

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    I've used d3.js. It's amazing how much you can accomplish with little code. Good for interactive charts.

    1. 1

      Yesss, D3 is awesome. Very recently I've created an interactive Parallel Coordinates plot using D3. If you are interested in to know more about it you can take a look at this blog:

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    I'm wondering why you didn't put D3.js to that list, although a lot of developers (including yourself) use it.
    In my project LivingCharts I use D3.js with Canvas (not SVG) and it works well.

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      D3 is the king, it covers so many categories in the visualization, so I was not quite sure. But you are definitively right, D3 should also be in that list :) Can you share a link to your project, I would like to check it out!

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          Thanks for the link! Is it possible to use it without signing up or that's because it is still in beta version?

          1. 2

            I'm considering various options now, but I tend to make signup mandatory. As I know, most of services do the same.

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    We've been using amCharts with a lot of success.

    For our canvas (we've got a mind-mapping like interface) we switched from d3 to Konva.

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      Oh nice, I know amCharts is used for charts and maps. I've never seen Konva, it looks very nice and simple, I should definitively include it in the JS landscape. Thanks for the help!

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    I've used C3/D3 in the past and quite like it. I'm also currently working with Metabase (Java server app, single .jar file). The docs say you can embed Metabase visualizations in other sites but I've not gotten to it yet.

    Hope that helps,

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      Hey, thanks for the help. I didn't know about Metabase, but I will definitely explore it. Thanks!