March 28, 2019

Talk To You Later - What to build?

Axit Mehta @axitmehta

I have a domain name - (Talk to you later), Need some idea to build website/web-app sort of thing on this domain name, what you would have built?

PS: Let me know, If you would like to buy this domain name.

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    A virtual phone number for business with call waiting / IVR / whatsapp/SMS autoreply / chatbot / etc

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      Sounds Interesting.

      would like to know more, mind have a quick discussion over a chat?

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        you can ping me on twitter

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    This is the most ridiculous way to start a business I've ever heard of 😅

    I'm curious if there are successful businesses on Indie Hackers that started with this mindset: 'I have a domain, now what?' 🤔

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      Well, I am a blogger, and a developer, part time domain name investor. I've plenty of domain names, so thought to ask here, on what we can build on this, what are the possibilities? So, that I can assign that mini project to a team, who can work on this.