Talkative for sales - feedback is really appreciated!

Hi all,

We launched meettalkative.com a few weeks ago and have mostly sold to founders and PMs who want to understand and interview their users. We want to build out a version for sales and marketing now, which allows sales people to immediately connect with qualified leads on their website, and video chat / screenshare / demo with them. This is actually how we acquired many early customers for Talkative :)

Here's the landing page: sales.meettalkative.com

Any feedback is welcome! We're also looking to interview sales and marketing folks (I promise this would not be a sales call), so let me know if you're interested in connecting for 15 minutes!

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    How about a video that shows the product in use starting with what the site visitor sees or is there experience.

    Overall I found the level of information on the Lander lacking, as in not informative enough. It seems thrown together.

    MeetTalkative appeals to me as a Founder who is getting ready to engage users and seek feedback. Sales.MeetTalkative would of course come next.

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      Thanks for the feedback. We tried to make it as simple and easy to understand as possible, but we could add more information.

      Here is the demo video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azk7I5DzMYc

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        Video Feedback: I think requesting a chat/call should NOT auto-launch a video chat window with my cam image and audio ON. A simple text message would be less intrusive - as an option. I think that experience as an only option would be jarring to many users. I'd bolt if someone launched a video and or audile window on a site I was visiting or even logged into.

        • I think your video might be more valuable to you if the focus was on the User / Visitor experience as the lead. That's what I focus on as a Founder.
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          Yeah, this is something we've been thinking about a lot. The video / mic is off by default, we've been playing around with whether to have chat first then video, multiple alerts, etc., to see what the best user experience is. Getting a lot of good feedback from our beta customers on what they want the experience to be.

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    This is not a feedback about the sales page, but on the blog page you have the logo image missing. It return a 404.


    Also, it looks like none of the images can be found here:


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      Thanks! Fixing the blog now!

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