Talking to your early users

Howdy, indie hackers!

What’s the best way to build a community of early adopters? How and where do you talk regularly with your users in 2021? Slack, Discord, Telegram, anything better?

Would appreciate your thoughts on this!

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    @rosiesherry has all the right questions for the questions you're asking...

    ... the tools (choice) follow the decision of who (you want to serve).

    the confusion... i think is because you've asked more than one question!

    how is different than where and the process / sequence is pretty distinct...

    ... and best way is pretty scientifically-bound... but is naturally based on your own interests and curiosities so there's infinite flex here on you pull it all together; in a real way there is no "best way" either.

    magic happens when real humans connect with real humans.

    so... yeah.

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    It's hard to say without more info.

    But generally, define who your users are, then go find where they hang out. Then hang with them as a human being first.

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      Thanks, but I mean the tools for having frequent conversations with your users.

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        By defining who your people are you can identify better what tools they are more comfortable using.

        Some people will never touch Telegram, others will never touch Slack. Etc.

        It's important to not make the process to get them onboard more difficult than it needs to be.

        Unless you have something super compelling, most people won't change their habits to suit you.

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