Looking to Partner Up November 18, 2020

Tech Cofounder for a NLP based Productivity startup


Hi, I am building a NLP Productivity startup with a vision to disrupt communication in Enterprise and Consumer space. Looking for a techie to join me on the journey

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    I've read your requirements, and wanted to offer our assistance to your project!

    We can support Full stack development projects based on $30/hr rates.
    Or for a full-time experienced dedicated SENIOR coder, at prices $1,999 / month (Yup - for real!!).

    We are Eternitech - an award-winning software development firm -

    Established in Israel, our headquarters are based in Miami, With remote teams of over 100 experts.
    We specialized over the years in startups - a short time to market, low-budget solutions that are built to take startups to their next step.

    With over 20 years in the industry, Supported hundreds of startups in developing almost any technological need, You have to at least listen to what we have to offer.

    Immediately on whatsapp:
    (+1) 786-5040180
    sale[email protected]

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    Hello! I'd be interested in hearing more about your project!

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    I'm a web developer with 4 years of full-stack experience, looking for a project to work on.

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    Hi, I am very much interested in the NLP world. Contact me at the gmail in my profile!

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    Hey, have you considered building the MVP yourself, e.g. with a bunch of no-code tools? Don't get me wrong, it's great to find a good buddy to enjoy noodles with but it's far easier to get such a person with a scrappy prototype.

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      I so agree with you. Could you suggest some. I have explored them but I am not really sure how the NLP logic integration and all will work. Also the feedback has always been quite negative from the tech folks around the user experience associated with nocode. But I totally agree that for MVP, it might be the way forward. Do recommend me some tool so that I can explore a bit

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        If these tech folks are willing to spend months building their first version, that's their decision. But unless you already know that your product will succeed and that only a "properly coded" app can solve the issue, I suspect that you will spend a lot more time validating your idea. And that can be done with NLP in Excel or maybe something slightly fancier.

        Here is an example of NLP integrated with Bubble. And here is a recent overview of the no-code AI space.

        Yes, there are limitations but most people still underestimate what can be done with no-code tools already today. And most MVPs can be built with them. And as I said before, you will have a much easier time finding that person if you have something to show for. Founder-grade devs who know how to fire up a state-of-the-art NLP model don't grow on trees, unfortunately.

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    Hi! would be interested in hearing more details. Contact me at my username at gmail.

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