Looking to Partner Up May 12, 2020

Techie + into arts cofounder?

Sridhar @leisenming

My startup lets users create animations in minutes. Below is an example that I created a few weeks back:

Toonclip - Y-combinator acceptance email

The project was born when I released a very basic animation editor on HN. It got so much traffic that it crashed the server twice. Fast forward and now it is a more mature product.

I am an artist and a techie. Here is my linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/sridhar-ramasami-76a226117/

I am looking for a techie co-founder who also has interest in the arts and hopefully animation.

The tech stack is PHP/Laravel and the front end editor uses a lot of javascript. There is also a backend canvas that runs animation and it uses node.js

The project has some early traction.

Let me know if any of this sounds appealing to you. Best please drop email to leisenming AT protonmail DOT com.

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    Is this editor available for us to check out?

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    Hey Sridhar - this looks really awesome! I love this type of intersection between tech and graphics. My project / SaaS is called Motion Storyline - motionstoryline.com. I am not as far along as you but have experience in this space. Maybe there is something I can bring to the table to contribute. If not perhaps an unofficial partnership might be useful - for example follow me on twitter in exchange for a similar value (I follow you on twitter), and get creative with contributions / tasks. Cheers!

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      Hi Ebenryanmallory,

      Thanks much for dropping a note. I took a look at your site and am afraid did not understand what it does. How about dropping me a not at leisenming AT protonmail DOT com so we can discuss?

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        Yes, I understand the issue here. I feel like communicating value to potential users is one of the most important problems I currently need to address. I am still working out a specific plan on how to show value proposition in a clear and succinct way. I think I will create some hypothetical use cases with fake clients to show what it can do, but I'm I am concerned that it would not come across as authentic as if they were real clients... but at least people can see results even if they might not see exactly how it was created.

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          Glad to hear.

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