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my Co-Founder and I are doing https://counter.dev/ . The one-sentence pitch: Like Google Analytics but privacy friendly and also free. We are serving like 10 active users, it's pay what you want and we are very happy about our 5 dollar donation so far.

There is some technical blah blah blah on the GitHub page of the project describing how the service can be Free in a sustainable way. We are doing a major design replacement. I won't bother you with our glorious technical details :-) So far we are two: A Designer, that actually implements his designs very well, he's a product enthusiast based in Kyiv. And the other person (me) is a Senior Backend Developer based in Berlin. Both already have done projects like this.

So of course we have no idea about marketing. We need someone that gets us more users. Maybe content marketing or really whatever you want to come up with. We are literally putting the project in your hands and looking for somebody to push this forward. You should have an opinion on how to phrase things in the landing pages and which features to praise.

Do we intent to want to pay ourselves with this project at some time? Yes, of course. I think this market is interesting because there are a lot of webpages on the internet, I guess most want some kind of analytics. With privacy friendly alternatives becoming more and more relevant (I assume), we are the only free and privacy friendly service there is - please correct me if you know some service that refutes that last statement.

So yeah, let's have fun, let's work, let's build the best web analytics product in our niche and be happy - approach us :-)

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    Hi guys, I've checked the tool and although it looks nice, from a marketer's perspective it's a bit useless.

    Sorry if it sounds too harsh, but the most useful metrics for a marketer aren't the traffic numbers and sources, but the conversions, leads, funnel pages - what the user visited before converting and in which order.

    So I don't really see marketers wanting to use this tool, since GA is free and offers the more interesting metrics. The referrals are useful, but it's not enough.

    Perhaps you can share a bit about your longer-term plans and who you think your target users are? Did you think of what your USP is and what's your differentiator, except for the privacy aspect?

    Thanks and again sorry if it's too harsh, but I'd find it hard to market it.

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      I like harsh :-). Our typical user is not a marketeer. We have "low tech" users that don't uderstand what a conversion is, technical people that like the privacy aspect and that it's open source but use it only for their blog or so. And last but not least, some early projects that would at some point in time profit from such features. So our focus is really on basic features and that is at the moment what we can do for free of charge. As you said GA is free and has more advanced stuff, the users we'd target either prefer something privacy friendly or don't understand GA or just heard of us before they heard about GA I guess.

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    I run www.tractionmate.com and work with developers and early startup founders to build early traction. And, I also run another productized service to build an email list using lead magnets and a few other tactics. It's @ https://www.listbuildify.com

    Let me know if you want to talk more about these lines.

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    Hey there,

    Cool idea and cool execution so far. I'd love to help take it to the nextlevel. Hit me up and let's see what we can do together :)
    [email protected]

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    Hey, I'm a marketer with a focus on SEO and content marketing and I'm really interested in this project. Let me know if you're still looking for someone and want to connect!

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    Hi ihucos,

    I'm a content marketer, content writer, and web copywriting specialist who loves your idea! I'd be happy to lend a hand for free on re-writing your website material. Send me a message if you're still looking for help.

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      Heya, hit me up at: mail at irae dot me
      Or alternatively add contact info to your profile

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    Hey, I'm a former founder / growth hacker. Project sounds interesting. Shoot me an e-mail: [email protected] I'm based in Zurich Switzerland.

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    That´s great! Let me know if you need any help with value proposition, business modeling, go-to-market strategy or related disciplines. You can find more about what we do at http://jcvc.info/ . Stay safe!

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    Hey guys,

    Hit me up on [email protected], I have an idea in mind.

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