Looking to Partner Up April 7, 2019

Technical co-founder needed - (product already live with 2678 registered users)


Hi IH,

Created https://getacquainted.co/ with a friend (I'm a designer, he's a dev) in late 2017. We had a fair amount of interest on launch and were the 4th product of the day on product hunt.

We failed to monetise initially, thinking we'd add a paid tier later - in hindsight this was a huge mistake. We were both working full time with 2 young kids and gradually the work slowed down as time constraints went up. We had interest from some reasonably large businesses and lots of users asking for additional features but my partner no longer wanted to work on the project. I had a few other things going on so we walked away but left the site running.

Fast forward to now and I've been looking to start another project. The hunger is back! However, after chatting to a few people I realised that I'd be throwing away something potentially successful with acquainted (terrible name, I know)! We still have daily sign ups, there's an established userbase and seem to have found a fit in two markets (schools, and weirdly, Israel).

There are a few key features we need to implement before we monetise, but I really feel it's worth a shot. Typeform are starting something similar but there's nothing quite like this on the market.

I know what features we need to implement (free text entry, logic, gifs) but will start a research piece getting to know our userbase more. Plan is to potentially rebrand and add a paid tier ASAP.

I'm a product designer currently working at https://www.awal.com/ and previously BBC, John Lewis and more. Also run https://www.designerlynx.co/

If anyone is interested getting on board, please do get in touch. I'm London based but open to working remotely with the right person. I'm looking for someone serious who has actually shipped something or can show examples of good work. Tech stack is laraval for the back end, no framework on the front end. Thanks!


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    Can you add the ability to drop a coupon code after they complete the survey? Seems easy enough to implement but would add real value for ecommerce/SaaS.

    Great work!

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      That would probably be feasible as is. There's loads more functionality I'd like to add based on user feedback such as free text entry, email entry, images and gifs.

      Would make it a good survey tool and conversational form.

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    Love the brand! y'all are going far!!

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    hey @Stevie, what is the tech stack for the https://www.designerlynx.co/?

    How would you advise someone who wants to star a blogging / content sharing site like ^ ?

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      Built and run the whole thing on webflow. Such a great product, can't recommend it enough.

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    That's a cool idea! It seems so much more natural than a survey, congrats.

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    Hey Stevie,

    I'd be interested in having a chat with you about this product. Could we setup sometime to talk this week?

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      No probs, my email is in my bio

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    Hey Stevie, this is potentially something I could help with and looks like an interesting product. I've a bunch of questions about it though. Can we setup a time to chat soon?

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      Sure - hit me up on my email, we can take it from there .

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    last week, i came across this product and it is awesome, and i asked some additional features but you didn't reply :) now i understand why you didn't :)

    it is a very good product but you should change it's name :)

    keep up the good work!

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      Thanks for your kind words and totally agree on the name - it sucks! I'm going on a mission to reply to all the feedback we have missed over the past year...gonna be a long day.

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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