Looking to Partner Up March 25, 2019

Technical Co-founder Wanted for SMB Tool Suite (starting with one tool).

Gene Maryushenko @genemachine


Hey folks, I am looking for a technical-cofounder to make my vision a reality. The mission is simple: Business tools to increase online conversions.

Primary audience: marketers working with SMBs. Secondary audience: SMBs and eventually Enterprise customers.

For starters, I am thinking of launching a review widget that shows reviews from places like Yelp, Google, Angie's list. Marketers can embed this on their clients' sites and instantly reviews will show up - helping out the conversion rate.

I also have plans for other tools and have already outlined their function. In all, the goal is to create a suite (similar to Hubspot) but focused only on helping drive conversions from visitor to paid signups / orders etc.

What I bring to the table: planning, execution, customer research - I am a conversion-focused UX designer with a lot of experience in this area so I know what moves the needle. I also worked in the local SEO industry and understand the needs of SMBs.

I am looking for someone who is super active and self-driven. Ideally, you have time and work on developing our MVPs with eagerness to launch quickly.

Check out my profile for more info, and send me an email if you're interested. Please explain your current work schedule and how much time you can dedicate to this.

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    Hey! This sounds interesting to me. I am working with a team of skilled designers, developers, and testers who would love to work on your project with you. Please shoot us an email at [email protected] and tell us more about your project.

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    Do you already have SMBs interested in what you are doing? That have pains with the current tools and would want to switch?

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      Working on it. I think most SMBs don't realize this as a pain point until they see it working for them. So, perhaps this is not a super solid idea to go through with as it requires some selling, but there is definitely a lack of adoption in this area.

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    Hi, A quick question, How your idea will be better than the other available tools?

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      Thanks for asking. There are indeed other tools out there but the space is highly untapped and there is room for competition. Most of the other tools do one thing or the other but very few are effective at attributing reviews to conversions. (I am talking about the first tool right now). The truth is, if I make a better tool, competitor can copy it. So the question is not how is it better, but how are we going to sell it better? The answer to that is to make a tool that is more effective at associating conversions with the tool (ie. adding contact buttons with basic stat reporting), using a multitude of approaches instead of a single one (multiple ways to utilize the same tool) and having options to make the tool work for any website in terms of style and features (longer term vision).

      Ultimately, the value derived will be from a suite of tools rather than one (but this is a very long look ahead, not something we'd aim for immediately).

      Right now I'm in the process of validating the idea and if I see traction I will proceed one way or another.

      I'm open to you / anyone talking me out of it. If this is a terrible idea for very good reasons then I would rather know.

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        No idea is terrible, Products can co-exist. I like the way you said 'how you are going to sell it' - I agree that in many cases, FEW excellent customers are better than MANY average customers -

        Why you think you will have a better selling point if you are offering almost the same product. Why do you think that 'sales' is your stronger point?

        FYI, Not talking you out of it, just trying to understand whats the motive behind it :)