April 14, 2019

Technical founder looking for a marketing(non-tech) co-founder

Bigyan Ghimire @wayoverthecloud

I have a SaaS developed for local businesses. It gathers feedback from customers and turns it into online reviews. I have done the research and validated everything. I am way far the MVP stage. I was with a co-founder. But he is becoming very unresponsive and looks like he doesn't care that much. He's got another business going really well so it doesn't matter much to him.

I have been coding this for 3 months and there are still some tweaks and changes to do. This matter to me a lot so I don't wanna give up. I've some marketing plans that I think work really well. I am connecting with influencers in the industry too. I'm basically doing everything.

I am willing to share equity 45/55. I need someone who's good in FB ads too and knows about marketing. It's a long shot but just throwing it out there. The person willing must have at least an hour a day to talk about the SaaS.

I have no written agreements with my partner but he's the cost bearer for hosting and domain but it's really not much. If you are interested do reach me out at [email protected]

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    Questions for you:

    • How did you validate the idea?
    • How many paying customers do you have now?
    • Who are your competitors, can you list 3 big ones?
    • Who are the influencers you are connecting with (name a few, I ask because I worked in this industry)
    • How is your software better than the other guys?
    • How do you justify 45/55 split?
    • Do you have a budget for FB ads since you mention them?
    • Do you really plan talking about the product every day for an hour? No offense, but this seems excessive. I would limit it to once or twice a week call if you want to make actual progress doing actual things.
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