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Technical Founder looking for Sales & Marketing Guru

My company is cloudbits.io - which is building a Platform-as-a-Service for hosting Wordpress on the cloud using a modern tech stack.

As a solo technical founder, I have achieved the following milestones:

  • Built the MVP
  • Open sourced 3 components of the platform
  • Pitched to agencies, publishers and ecommerce (SMBs in North America and EU)
  • Completed 3 projects to date
  • Brought in $5000+ in GMV
  • Guaranteed ARR from 1 retainer

Now I feel like I need to switch from building a product to building a company. Hence, I am looking for a B2B SaaS Sales and Marketing guru to come onboard - someone to take full ownership and build a world-class globally distributed sales and marketing machine.

This the company manifesto which articulates why it exists:


If you find yourself nodding your head and this document "clicks" inside your head and you would love to join a company where you can meaningfully contribute for the next 4 years (at least; we are talking stock vesting schedule) - do send an email to [email protected]

Looking forward to meeting you.

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    Hi Saddamazad, you can try finding a great marketer via marketingoperator.com We connect hands-on marketing experts with founders (free).

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