Tell IH: Thank you Stripe!

Last week I went to present at the IH / Stripe / Pioneer meetup in Singapore and woke up to a nice email from the organiser @edwinwee ! (https://ibb.co/gVrnLTP)

If anyone is interested to check out the slides of my presentation, here you go: https://www.slideshare.net/robinvanderheyden/manypixels-x-stripe-presentation

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    Love Stripe as always, it is impossible to run a digital marketplace (GrayGrids) from a country like Bangladesh (no paypal or reliable payment gateways available). Stripe made it possible for me, I have received similar offer including $20K AWS credits (stripe atlas). Stripe wants everyone to do business and really feel it. They are one of the most entrepreneur friendly company, I have ever seen. <3

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    I love Stripe also :)

  3. 2

    Wow, that's awesome! Going to check out your slides now.

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