March 25, 2019

Tell IH: We got hunted on PH today!

Robin Vander Heyden @Vinrob

Hey IH,

A few weeks ago we made a lead gen tool : A gallery of editable, royalty-free SVG illustrations.

Yesterday we hit the front page of HN and today we got hunted on PH (I was planning to launch it later on PH, but oh well ;))

Here it is:

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    Well done project. Did you post to HN as well? Are you going to show the stats on traffic?

  2. 1

    Would love stats on how much traffic and signups each source drove.

  3. 1

    Beautiful! Well done!

  4. 1

    That's a really really lovely collection and great design! I'm going to use some of those icons on and another upcoming product.

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    Great design, awesome job.

  6. 1

    Grats! Hitting PH earlier than you wanted is what you call a "high-class problem".