Tell me my Idea sucks so I can move on

I've been building https://tryouting.com

I've worked on it for about 4 months including 2 iterations of the website.

I am not a marketing/sales guy so I don't know if the lack of traction is because of that or the idea is just not valuable.

Would love for the indiehackers community to tell me their honest opinion so I can decide whether to pursue a new idea or keep pushing.

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    Hey Andrew, sorry but I can't do it. The idea doesn't suck. Are you still working on it?

    A few notes:

    • I would lead with the fact that it's covid safe. My first thought was "why would I want to be going out right now", where I should be thinking "I'm so bored, thank god these are covid-safe options"
    • What have you done for validation? Are you getting much traffic, what are your conversion rates looking like?

    I would tweak that positioning, run a quick test to drive traffic, check your conversion rates and then re-access if it's worth continuing/pivoting/letting it go.

    The post-covid/new normal is still not yet here, plus the fallout of the pandemic will likely stay for years to come. I think you've got a real opportunity here. Good luck!

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    Hey Andrew,

    I'm more into marketing, so i thought i'd give some feedback.

    The color, and theme looks nice and is reminiscent of tinder (assuming its on purpose, if not consider adjusting) but with this project i feel you a targetting a moving market.

    Let's say COVID lasts another year, Consider how many customers you can get per month, and your fixed costs (and opportunity cost as you could work on other projects). There are a couple markets you could pivot towards with a higher propensity to pay.

    In terms of business, the success of this depends on both acquiring users, and connecting with "experience" providers. (Assumption, you connect with providers to create the event, this creates a scale issue). It's a tough business to gain traction in but not impossible if this is what your passionate about.

    In terms of marketing, price wise it's targetted at couples not first dates (which seems like your goal but is a tougher market), and with longer term relationships i feel that the likelyhood of paying for a curated experience is reduced. This is an assumption, since members of the relationship might view one paying to plan something as if they care less.

    Best of luck

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    Hi Andrew,

    I really love the idea and I think it should work. I would still work more on the design and make navigation much easier. For example I would like this page (https://www.tryouting.co/SpinOut-Fitness-WaterBike-Ride-for-Two-6f56ecbd02624506829f8b1ce004c8f5) to have a navigation bar where I can return back home or maybe a 'back' link on left top.

    I hope my feedback helps and I am looking for updates and new ideas 🚀

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    Hey Andrew,

    Nice website, I like the notion integration.

    What makes Outing different to what AirBnB are doing now? They have also pivoted into creating experiences.

    What have you done to speak to travellers? Have you been posting in Sub-reddits for travel, instagram pages? Did you build up a waiting list before launching?

    If not, Keep going!

    Get yourself out there. Instagram is your home :D

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