Ideas and Validation August 8, 2020

Tell me: Why should I buy your product ?

Jorim Soika @Jorsoi

1. Imagine that I am your potential customer

I am still not sure whether I want to use your product or not. I need to get convinced of your business in order to commit using your product/service.

2. Tell me why I should use your product/service

Not it's your turn. Give me your best reasons why I should spend my precious time and money on your idea and vision. After that, I will rate your response and will give you valuable feedback for your "sales pitch".

Not sure what to write? Try to answer these questions as a hint ;-)

  • What makes your product/service so helpful?
  • Why should't I just go to your competitors?
  • How can I get the maximum value for the lowest price?
  • What concerns could I have?

Hope this thread can help you getting clearer on your vision and your USPs as well. Vote my post and follow me, if you'd like to get more training like that.

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    "I wish i had a service that would notify me when Tesla's stock hits $1400"

    We provide stock alerts that

    • Always go off on time
    • Take less than 10 seconds to setup
    • Has a super intuitive UI
    • Has 12K+ stock tickers supported
    • Will call, text, push, and email you to alert you

    🚀 Stock Alarm reliably serves thousands of phone calls to traders around the world every single day because after all, we're traders too.

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      Hey Yahia, great key points! From a customer point of view I might ask myself now why I shouldn't just use the stock alerts on my broker website. Besides that you haven't told me how much I need to pay for your service which make it seem like its for free. Is it? Im curious?

      1. 2

        Great questions and there's a reason that you shouldn't use the alerts from your brokers website:

        • Those alerts will only send you a push notification vs ours which have calls, texts so there's a much higher chance our alerts will actually reach you.
        • Lower selection of triggers, your broker might offer price limit & price change alerts, maybe the occasional technical indicator. We offer over 50 different types of alerts based on things such as price limits, changes, technicals, volume, upcoming earnings, 52 week extremes, etc...
        • You can actually drive the features you want, 80% of our newest features were all user suggestions. Your brokerage might collect your input, but there's no way they can offer a 1 week turnaround time for a new feature request like we just did, especially because their focus is on executing your trades not offering alerts.

        While we do have a free tier, it costs quite a bit to run our service (we do thousands of calls a day to people around the world so there are some costs there). We have 3 different pricing tiers starting at $4.99 and going up to $19.99 depending on your use case :)

        Hope that gave you some insight into how we operate and thanks for making this thread!

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          Great to hear these points. I am sure that many people with ask the same question like i did so I would already prevent that to happen by involving it into your pitches.


          Jorim :-)

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    Love this. I haven't launched this yet. Just ideation. But I want to help creative people who are stuck. People who have tons of ideas but nothing to show for it. People who can't get out of their own way. I know how to obliterate impostor syndrome. I'll work with an individual to find out what's blocking them from moving forward with their art. So, most of it is psychological, and the other stuff would be technical and concrete. I'd provide them with a framework for shipping their work on a regular basis.

    1. 1

      That's great! When it comes to psychological stuff, trust is the most important thing ever I guess. Make sure that you can provide people lots of evidence that shows them that you are "qualified" to mentally guide them. Despite that Im not sure if I have understood the correlation with the impostor syndrome as you are talking mostly about coaching right? Might be my misunderstanding. Despite that focus on trustbuilding measures when creating your first website (referrals, testimonials, successes, etc) Good luck with your idea! :) If you want to dig deeper into your idea check out my other post "disrupt my startup and I will disrupt yours"which is more focused on validation. Hope I was able to help out. Leave a vote and a follow if thats the case ^^



      1. 2

        Thanks for that. I'll consider all of the above! Especially the parts about trust and testimonials. Cheers.

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    1. You save time because you don't need to check if your site is up & running

    2. You can. But mine is easier. I include all features in all plans, it only depends on what number of sites you have. while most others have ugly pricing plans. And mine in active development plus I'm a small indie project which cares about customers, while big competitors usually don't care to to introduce stuff that you need

    3. Talk to me and we'll figure out, I'm open for discounts and custom pricing plans

    4. That my product disappears since it's new. But in that case you don't lose any data, you can switch to competitors easily. But if I stay in the market then you'll be using brand new service and possibly new features will be build specially for you, since I'm not a big company I listen carefully for feedback

    1. 2

      Hey @Akcium, thanks for giving it a shot! It was intesting to see your approach towards that. I like the fact that I can save time to find out if my website is down. But thats not enough for me as a customer. I want to see how much faster I can notice it with your software compared to the oldschool type. I think you can create more interest if you show the customer what he can loose in terms of data, customers etc. Here is an example:

      Without pingr it takes x hours to detect that your site is down. This would be 50 visitors that could not reach your site and more than x customers that may get frustrated and change to the competitor.

      With pingr you will be noticed before your users actually notice!

      What I noticed is, that your answers smells a lot like a "salesman" .f you know that you can actually help your customers then you dont have to sell them something. Try to react on your customers emeotion rather than trying to make it look more attractive with many adjectives (thats my opinion, not sure if thats better though)

      Hope I was able to help you. You would do me a big favor if you could vote this comment for others to see. If this was helpful give me a follow so that we can stay in contact.



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        Thank you, upvoted! :)

        I wasn't trying hard. But the only thing I always struggle is that I don't have USP, like, everyone asks about competitors but all uptime monitoring services have more or less the same functionality. There are 170+ of them already.

        So this is the most hard thing to answer

        1. 1

          Hmm thats tough. Not having a USP makes you very vulnerable to other competitors because you need to adapt to their pricing and stuff to actually be interesting for potential customers.I mean as long as you generate revenue it should be fine. It wont be scaleable but it will be enough, if you work hard on customer acquisition I guess. On the other hand , if you havent generated revenue yet I would reconsider the concept and focus on finding a USP to make adjustments. Btw: Pricing is not really a valuable USP as you might not be able to compete with that for a long time with the big players but we will see. best of luck though!



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    Hey Jorim, thanks for posting! A great way for me to think deeply about my product too. Sometimes I build blindly and then think about the value I'm offering as an after-thought. We're pre-launch but I'll give it a shot!

    1. 🦮 Creating better products + saving time (time is money) = an amazing return on investment. Bolt enables you to collect feedback on your live sites or design files SUPER easily. Instead of spending time going back and forth over email, Slack etc., we keep it all in one place to make feedback super clear and actionable. The return on your investment is time AND the ability to create better products (good ideas from multiple people is better than one).

    2. 💌 We're really customer-engaged (we love our customers), so we bend over backwards. Need a feature? We'll build it. Need support? We're immediately here for you. Want to chat? We're all ears. Customer support is SUPER important to us. We also have an awesome product roadmap. If you want a product which is constantly improving, you'll pick us.

    3. 🏅 We believe in our product, so we offer a free plan. If you love it and use it a lot, paying for our subscription fee will offer a great return on investment (can you put a price on love?).

    4. 💕 Concerns. I hear you. You'll probably fall in love with Bolt, and when you're in love, you don't want that love to fade. Your main concern will probably be "I love Bolt so much, I don't want it to close down." Bolt is just run by myself (for now!), and the risk of failure is always looming. Risk of closure is a valid concern. The upside is that I'm building a product for myself, so even if I have 0 customers, I'm still going to build something I love!

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      Hey @Pc4, what you are saying is so true! When working on a product/service I get so focussed on the work itself that I just forget what I am trying to solve in the beginning and who might benefit from it. Its some sort of phenomenon I face.

      Here are my thoughts on your key notes:

      1. I would recommend you to not use generic sentences like "creating better products". In my eyes this sentence reflects no real content what your product is about as it just gives me a statement which I cannot prove right or wrong. I would get right to the point that customers save time by getting real time feedback for their projects which makes them work faster and more flexible.

      2. I love the second key note. You truly show the importance of the customer for you which makes me feel honored and creates trust.

      3. If I was you I would focus a little bit more on showing the advantages compared with your competitors. From what see, I need to export my projects to Bolt in order to get the feedback started. What about Invision studio where collaborative live feedback is already implemented into the designer? Or what about Adobe XD. They are currently in the beta of live collaboration.

      To sum it up, you did a great job in transmitting your passion for this project which created trust but I would want to know more about why I shoulnd just go to Adobe collaboration or invision studio right away. :)

      Hope I was able to help. Feel free to follow me for more.



      1. 2

        Thanks Jorim! That's awesome feedback, super actionable too! I'm going to make a few copy tweaks today!

        On your point about Adobe XD / Invision Studio - integrations is going to be a big part of our offering, but more importantly, a lot of our focus is on live URLs (staging sites) -- coming from using Webflow a ton, it's really hard to get feedback on a live URL (this exists - but I hate the UX/UI + featureset of competitors), so I see this as a big part of our mission.

        I think trying to compete directly with Adobe XD / Invision Studio would be tricky - especially if you're already part of the XD/Invision ecosystem, so I'm hoping to carve out a niche with smaller communities & focusing specifically on the live URL aspect (which would then reach any site rather than one specific platform, e.g. Invision/Figma).

        Thank you once again for the feedback! Followed :)

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    Hey Jorim, Brilliant idea for a forum post. Well Done!

    I'd love your feedback on my newsletter.

    A Daily Email of Great Ideas to Grow Your Business

    Get a summary of the day’s 6 best links straight to your inbox. Hand-picked from more than 100 blogs and podcasts!

    Why should't I just go to your competitors?

    There are hundreds of good podcasts and blogs you can spend your valuable attention on. If that is how you want to spend your time, cool. I want present 6 high quality, insightful links that you can skim in a few minutes.

    How can I get the maximum value for the lowest price?

    A couple of minutes of your time spent skimming the newsletter every day, could very well lead to ideas, insights and inspiration that can take your business to a new level. It's completely free with no upsells.

    What concerns could I have?

    You might be apprehensive about the quality of the newsletter content or whether or not I'll bombard you with spammy sales pitches.

    Just give it a try. It costs nothing and you can unsubscribe at any time.

    Thank you!

    1. 1

      Hey John, happy to hear that you like this thread and took the opportunity to write down your pitch. I like the idea itself a lot. I would emphasize that "exotic ideas will only come from exotic idea-seeking which means that its important to change perspectives a lot. Your newsletter gives the customer their daily dose of different perspectives that will encourage them to see problems that nobody has ever thought of."

      Besides that keep in mind that it's not about finding good ideas. Its about finding good problems and building the supporting idea around it. With that said, I will have to give you some bad news... I myself have only subscribed to elss than 3 newsletters in my entire life. If people see the "fill in your email" box they will feel like its the same marketing bullshit which is not the case with you right? I think that those email spaces are to negatively connotated in order for you to achieve high conversion. Instead of email I'd recommend to offer different contact solutions as well (WhatsApp, SMS, etc.) Post some triggering content on instagram for eample to decoy your follower base to your newsletter.

      Anyways, I hope I was able to help. Btw, I have sent you my email address because Im curious what interesting articles you can share. Follow me so that we can keep in touch. :-)



      1. 1

        Hi Jorim, Thanks for the detailed feedback and for signing up!

        I like the idea of exotic ideas. That is very helpful. The best ideas are often somthing unique and unexpected.

        I really appreciate your time.

        Let me know if there is something I can help you with.

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    I write a book for developers to build their mouseless development environment which should be interesting for you if you want:

    1. To be more productive as a developer.
    2. A couple of tools which are customizable, for you not to always learn new ones.
    3. Tools you can adapt to your precise needs and workflow.
    4. More comfort to get things done.
    5. Tools which don't get in your way and you can control.
    1. 1

      Hey Matthieu, I like how you ask those triggering questions that are easy to say "yes" to. Everybody wants to be more productive; Everybody wants to have more individualized products and everybody wants to get more comfortable using a product. You give your customers a great opportunity to cherrypick around that. Besides that studies have even proven that People are more likely to say yes, if they have said yes the previous times as well.

      The only thing i want to criticise your pitch for is the link-name which did not clarify your product enough (in my eyes). I didnt quite know what you mean with mouseless development. Only the click on your website has given me more insights. If I was a normal customer I would probably not be willing to invest into that single click. Make sure to get your solution on point a little bit better. here is an example for phrasing that.

      "I show developers how they can make their life a lot easier by using shortcuts instead of the mouse"

      " I show developers how to ditch the mouse clicks and how to get pro with shortcuts"

      "Using shortcuts doesnt only make you look like a developer pro its also XYZ times more effective than using your mouse"

      Hope my examples were able to help you.



      1. 1

        Hey Jorsoi,

        Thanks a lot for that! That's definitely useful.

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    I hope below reasons can convince you 😃😃

    Siteoly - Powerful No Code Website builder using Google sheets

    We started on reaching to subscribers starting last week. Infact, we are the only #nocode platform that can generate hundreds of variations of websites from a single Google sheet.

    Some templates created from just Google sheet using Siteoly

    Some quick pointers about Siteoly:

    • Completely rendered Server side. So, more power to SEO. 💪💪💪💪
    • It's all just one sheet and you can change hundreds of variations
    • Comes with 40+ different card designs. This should be more than enough to build any kind of website
    • You can add close to 10 different Header,Footer,Navbar variations.
    • Works with 1000+ fonts
    • Can create Logo just out of Text if you don't have a logo
    • Create lots and lots of variations just by changing dropdowns in the sheet.
    • You can add text/images or combination of both in different variations (like text on image, text left to image, text right to image etc)
    • Add external scripts and css as well
    • Robust search/filter functionality
    • Fully supports markdown text
    • Can create hundreds of detailed pages
    • ... and a lot of other things that you would love. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    1. 1

      Hey @upenv, I really like all the examples that you have given me to show that your product acutally works. Here is a tip: People like to have choices but can get overwhelmed if they have to many choices. Therefore try to trim down your links to just the top3 so that you give me a clearer instruction on what to click on. I also like how you are just 100% spitting out the facts without any irrelevant talk that shows me right away how i can benefit from your product. Despite that as a customer i would be very interested to know what the advantage of using a google sheet website is compared to powerful website builders like webflow, wix, squarespace, etc. Maybe you should focus a little bit more on that.
      hope I was able to help you .



      1. 1

        @Jorsoi Thankyou Jorim. That gave me a good view. Thankyou!!

  8. 2

    @Jorsoi My platform will match you with jobs you like, with a deep skills/preferences matching technology
    you will be free from irrelevant job alerts / emails / calls
    your profile will remain anonymous
    Your email/profile won't be sold/shared to other recruitment companies

    1. 1

      Hey @zworks. That sounds interesting. Now I know what you do and that you use a new technology for matching jobs but how can my profile stay anonymous if I am looking for a job? Dont the recruiters wanna see who I am? Another questions that is still unanswered is how are you gonna create that improved matching? Whats the trick behind it that makes me wanna prefer your website over all the other job platforms?

      1. 1

        thanks for the comment Jorim,
        by anonymous I mean the name / contact details will be revealed only if there is a good match and the candidate is interested.

        That improved matching, I guess it is not something completely new and unique, but I have a plan and I have no way to know what is the exact tech the similar platforms use behind the scenes.

        Another point, I am confident that I can offer a better price for value than the similar tools offer.

  9. 2

    With WhatStack Chrome Extension you can connect with your customers on WhatsApp with a breeze. Send them updates, regular notifications, and make them feel like a family.

    Without WhatStack, it takes hours to save contacts and send the same message on WhatsApp to multiple contacts. With WhatStack, it takes just 10 seconds to send individual WhatsApp messages to everyone without even saving their numbers! Download delivery reports, give unsubscribe options, and much more just at 10$/mo.

    Also, the only concern you would have is will your WhatsApp number get banned/blocked if you use WhatStack. Well, the answer is if you spam people, WhatsApp will ban you even if you have used WhatsApp personal or their Business API, but, if you've got consent from the people to send them texts on WhatsApp, you'll be fine.

    Best practices to use WhatStack-

    1. Ask the receiver to send you the first text.
    2. Ask them to save your number.
      If you do this, you're all set!

    We have customers who're sending thousands of messages daily using WhatStack.

    Check out WhatStack for free at (no sign up required).

    1. 1

      Hey @paresh01, great to hear about your thoughts. If I was you I would definitely put the sentence "We have customers who're sending thousands of messages daily using WhatStack." to the top of your explanation. it creates trust right away. Your service requires people to trust you with their phone numbers which makes them suspicious. Therefore try to take away their worries by sowing that other people are using your product as well.

  10. 2

    You shouldn't. I always recommend — go an check our competitors, get frustrated and disappointed, and then come back to us :)

    1. 1

      Uhh thats a good one. Just be careful that you dont loose the people there. Before you send them to competitors make sure they know what to focus on while checking out the other companies. Customers will automatically look for occuring issues if you give them some examples on which they can focus on

      1. 1

        Agree, but there is a deeper philosophy for us in that. We know what customer we serve, and the customer we serve loves our product. We stay focused on them. We listen to them, help them, love them, but we're not desperate about them. We consider their feedback for current or future features.

        Sometimes, when someone comes and asks you how are you different, it's because they didn't do their research when studying the app. Or they just want to sh*t on your app. I don't mind helping them, but I know our customers are smart and only from time to time need a boost :)

        We're like that friendly friend which is always there for you if you get disappointed in other products. And we don't mind if you go and play with our competitors for a year a two. We will still be glad to get you back :P

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    Let's give it a shot.

    Product: Wicked Templates

    What makes your product/service so helpful?

    • It removes the hassle and time to live when building your landing page, by giving you the blocks.

    Why should't I just go to your competitors?

    • Our templates are 100% responsive without custom CSS because they are built with mobile first CSS frameworks.

    How can I get the maximum value for the lowest price?

    • We offer free templates, packages where you get future templates plus existing ones for a fixed price, also, our templates only cost 10$

    What concerns could I have?

    • You have to know HTML and CSS at least.


    1. 1

      Hey Michael! great to hear from you again! Your key notes sound all good so far. The only thing which I would recommend is not to stop when telling people that they have to know HTML or CSS at least. BEcause iff thats not the case you will immediately loose the customer if they dont know about it. To increase your target group I would say something like that: To use our blocks you need to know the basic HTML and CSS language which you'd need anyway if you want to build a website. We are also having customers that aren't any coding geeks but we stay in close contact so that they can always send us their questions. Furthermore we are planning to build a small video course which will give you all the tools you need to implement our templates into your website.

      Now, you can even sell to people that might not be familiar with that language. Despite that I really recommend you creating a little video that shows how easy it ycould be to implement your code to the customers website.

      hope i was able to help.



      1. 2

        Hey Jorsoi!

        Here I am again...

        See, this is why I like your reviews, when I get an answer from you, you give me ideas.

        I hadn't thought about that.

        To use our blocks you need to know the basic HTML and CSS language which you'd need anyway if you want to build a website. We are also having customers that aren't any coding geeks but we stay in close contact so that they can always send us their questions.

        • Thanks a lot for this...didn't thought about it...

        Furthermore we are planning to build a small video course which will give you all the tools you need to implement our templates into your website.

        • I am thinking about something here actually, it could be built, but we are about to add a feature... I might have to wait.

        • We had a video a couple of days ago actually, on the landing page but I have removed because we want to add voice on it and include the new feature...

        Thanks again, you are awesome Jorsoi

        1. 1

          Its always great and motivating to hear such nice answers. Thank you Michael and see you in the next thread :D

          1. 1

            💪💪💪💪 see you soon.

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    Let's imagine you, my ideal customer for a second: You're a soon-to-be-founder who wants to build a SaaS app. You have a great, validated idea, and you're ready to start. You know how to code, but you maybe haven't yet wrapped your head around the huge list of code you need to write to start a SaaS.

    Nodewood is a SaaS starter kit designed to save you weeks or months of time. Instead of writing all the boring boilerplate of user authentication, subscriptions, app framework/template setup, and much, much, more, Nodewood starts you off with a skeleton app that you can use to immediately start writing business logic. Go from nothing to writing actual application features inside of a few minutes.

    Nodewood's biggest advantage over its competitors is that it is 100% JavaScript and designed around that strength. Instead of writing duplicate logic in your UI layer and API layer, you can write those shared models, validation, and other libraries once and share them intelligently between the two. This speeds up your initial build while also making it easy to maintain, saving you time over the long run.

    Sure, you could write this all yourself or hire a freelancer to build it for you, but you will spend way more time writing it yourself, and way more money hiring a freelancer. Plus, the temptation will always be there to skimp on the robustness of your features, to cut corners to get to the "good part" - which makes total sense! You don't drive real customer value by adding a user management admin panel, so why bother? Use the one built-in to Nodewood, and skip right to writing the code that is actually important to your app.

    A concern I commonly hear about frameworks is that you lock yourself into the framework's way of doing things, and breaking out of that when you need to customizing can be challenging at best. This is actually another advantage that Nodewood has. Nodewood comes with an "app" folder for code for your app, and a "wood" folder for Nodewood code. Any file that you create in "app" that duplicates a file in "wood" is loaded in place of that Nodewood file, meaning you can extend and override any Nodewood file you choose. You're never locked in, and always have full freedom to grow your application.

    Save time and money, and build your next app with Nodewood!


    This was a fun little challenge, and the framing questions you asked really helped to shape the copy. Thanks for this!

    1. 2

      Hey Dan! Great to see how seriously you have taken this challenge. Its great to see what you have written down therefore I will try to reward your effort with a long feedback description. here we go:

      I really liked how you described myself in the beginning. Obviously I might not be your perfect customer but this helped me to get into the role of it so that I know what to look for during your pitch. Besides that people start cherrypicking when you try to describe themselves. BY saying that "You know how to code, but you maybe haven't yet wrapped..." people will reflect and search inside for the things that relate and connects them to your description. I guess this has a lot to do with psychology...

      For your second paragraph I#d recommend you not to use any abbreviations. Even though you are targeting people that are familiar with coding you don't want to accidentally loose a few interested customers just by using words they don't know yet. Im not even sure if you should mention that at all because there is literally no relevant information for your customer as they don't care who you target your software to. its kinda self explanatory and doesn't generate any additional value.
      I would just write " Noodle wood is a starterkit for people that want to build their first app. It saves them weeks and months of work that stops them from actually building something. Therefore we have done the work for you so that you can truly focus on XYZ..."

      I like that you describe javascript as a strength. Do that more often in the future pitches.

      MY final thoughts go to your last paragraph where you descirbe the concerns. If I was your interested customer I wouldn't want to get in so much detail in our conversation. I would want to know the essential phrase which you have written almost in the end which is " meaning you can extend and override any Nodewood file you choose." This is the most important information that the customer wants I guess. If they are truly interested they will ask follow up questions where you can tell the other details but for the beginning try to not confuse your potential customers with those folder explanations.

      Hope I was able to help with my feedback. If so, please feel free to give me some votes and follow my for more so that we can stay in touch.



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    I sometimes ask myself a similar question about why I pay for certain online services and it always falls back to the same answers.

    Why do I pay for Amazon Prime?

    • They offer fast shipping, great deals, and a great overall service + Prime Videos.

    Why do I pay for Netflix?

    • Tons of movies to watch to entertain myself, family, and friends.

    Why do I pay for Spotify?

    • No ads, unlimited music, easy to use and straight to the point.

    Why do I pay for Domain names?

    • I need a domain name for my business and to keep my websites online. I pay for over 7 Domain names each year.

    Why do I pay for some website scrapers?

    • I appreciate developers and the work that they do and because of them, they made my life and job easier.

    Why should you pay for my service @

    • If you're located in Scarborough/Toronto, I make finding information about restaurant food menus easier. From viewing custom pricing, calories, portion sizes, discounts, delivery options, store seating, filters, and many more.
    1. 1

      Hey Jordan, what a nice approach to talk about your business hehe. ^^ First i was a little bit confused about all these examples but it gave me a big smile when I saw your little pitch in the end. If you do that on other people as well I'd recommend you to cut the examples down to just 2 or 3 otherwise people might skim over the rest without even noticing your product presentation. I really like the idea behind it as well. Regarding the website I would make some UI changes but I think that already provides you with lots of good examples. Btw: Im currently starting to learn about webdevelopment. How did you get that "app" onto your website? are there any tools necessary or is this just achieveable with HTML and CSS?

      Best wishes and keep me up to date!


      1. 2

        Thank you haha :) I will keep that in mind.

        1. Appreciate the feedback. I will definitly upgrade the UI. I made a post here long ago about how I just sort of threw that together quickly. Anyhow there is another project that I have been working on for several months so that is my main focus.

        2. Pretty much anything you see on the website is achieveable with just Javascript, CSS, and HTML. I wouldn't say it's too difficult either but I've been programming for so long that I feel pretty comfortable at this point.

        1. 1

          Wow, thats impressive. Do you have any recommendations on where to start learning these languages? Im currently teaching myself with webflow but I am pretty sure that you cant create awesome "app stuff" like that.

          1. 2

            For sure start at FreeCodeCamp.

            I started back in 2009 and that was using just Youtube tutorials. You can probably find some good tutorials now adays but I don't watch tutorials anymore. I learn from making projects and reading documentation / stackoverflow.

            1. 1

              thanks for the tip, I will definitely check that one out :D

  14. 2

    If you don't want to take back control of your data, then you shouldn't buy my product

    1. 1

      Hey Carlo, you have got a great Website! Did you make it yourself or who has supported you? Regarding your slogan I got brainfucked really fast 😂 I was more thinking about the double negative rather than about the Message that you want to transmit. Just write „Stop people from stealing your data, by taking full control with xyz“ maybe that might be better.



  15. 1

    There are a ton of data/analytics tools out there, but they are mostly focused on big businesses and analysts/marketers.

    It’s pretty common to want to track and display data to your customers in a dashboard or email, but in the past you've had to either roll out your own solution for event tracking or pay top dollar for a full data solution.

    Customer-facing analytics is all that Plaudy does, and it does it well.

    You’ll start tracking your customers’ analytics and displaying them within minutes with our SDK or API. Save time and money, while focusing on your core product.

    (Thanks for doing this; it’s very cool of you 😎)

    1. 2

      Hey Dustin, here are my thoughts on your small pitch:

      1. I recommend you not to explain the problem too deeply. Why? Because I think that you are restricting them in their own thoughts if you describe the problem yourself. I would change the approach to questions/3rd person talk which enables people to connect to the 3rd person you are talking from. Here's my alternative approach:

      "Can you imagine how much time and money is getting wasted by having a hard time tracking your customer data? Think about Person XYZ having to cope with the issues of XYZ which destracts them from their actual goal which is XYZ. Our tool is building the bridge between that by offering XYZ to avoid all the distractions and lets you focus on XYZ..."

      Besides that I would recommend you not to use any abbreviations like SDK or API. Even though you are targeting people that are familiar with coding you don't want to accidentally loose a few interested customers just by using words they don't know yet.

      Hope I was able to help. Follow me so that we youc an keep me up to date. :-)



      1. 1

        Thank you! This is super helpful and will definitely help me refine my messaging! Much appreciated, friend! Keep in touch.

  16. 1

    If you are a CEO or a Founder with years of experience behind you in your particular sector, you definitely have a lot of ideas and opinions and want your voice to be heard on the digital front. The reason why you are not already doing it is because you have other important "CEO" worthy things to do or do not have a proper roadmap of how to enhance and leverage your personal brand.

    We at ThoughtLoop help amplify your voice online by providing you a process to follow as a Founder on a monthly basis along with strategically curating and distributing content online for your personal brand. We basically help you become a Thought Leader!
    At a monthly retainer of $450/- p.m., we are not just helping you with curating content but actually giving you strategic advice and monitoring your online activities to guide you to put yourself out there as the expert.
    The only thing we need from you every month is to get on 2, one-hour phone call's with our team members and let us convert this conversation of ours into high-value content on behalf of your brand. During this call, we will also assess and audit your current activities for the month online which you will have to follow as a thought leader and that's it! You are good to go!
    Remember, your brand has more value than you know. We will help you get the most out of it.

    1. 1

      Hey Akshay, thanks for your pitch. When it comes to mentoring or training it is very important that you utilize the instrument of recognition/trust. How can I know if I can profit from your phone calls if you dont tell me how many people you have already helped. besides that dont you think that 450$ for a two hours of phonecall per moth is a little bit much? Anyways, use testimonials to undermine your trustworthiness.



      1. 1

        Hey Jorsoi,

        Yes, 100% agree with the fact that building credibility will play a major part in our business model's success, that's exactly why we are doing a pe-launch and currently running the process on some Founders prior to the full-fledged launch. The phone conversations will be transcripted and all the valuable information will be converted into multiple pieces of content which will again be strategically distributed by our team. So the $450 is not just for a phone conversation but for curating, editing, and distribution of the content on the client's behalf on social media platforms and his/her blogs. This process will be carried out every month so that the client keeps building a database of valuable content with our teams help. That's where we think, the real value lies.

        Would love to know your thoughts.


  17. 1

    Hey Jorim, is something you can't avoid. It gives you targeted leads for your business! I am not putting a long description because there are almost no tools that do the same!

    Looking forward to your feedback! 👋🏻


    1. 1

      Hey there, alright here are my thoughts on your brief pitch.

      In my eyes I would never just say that there are no tools that are compareable to your business as there is always some competition (customers might think that you are arrogant). Instead, talk more about what you do and why nobody else can cope with those features. This will prove your statement with facts that customers want to hear more about.

      Hope i was able to help.

      Cheers, Jorim

  18. 1

    Since you’re a react developer and has 100+ react components, it’s ideal that you take a look at some of the components that we’ve built. If you even think one of the component looks good for you, you should buy it. You know why,

    1. Yearly plan is $35 and it might be your hourly charge for your dev effort
    2. We’re releasing 500 plus components in the next year
    3. You’ll break even even if you use a couple of our components in a year.

    PS: we’ve a completely revamped site and pricing plan in. Staging, which we’ll release on Monday

    1. 2

      i was trying to check out your product, it seems i'm unable to see the landing page without signup. Is this intentional or is this being updated. Idea sounds great!

      1. 1

        It’s getting updated. It should up in a couple of days. A fully revamped version with 100 plus components. Follow me to get the update

        1. 1

          best of luck with this!

    2. 1

      Hey @bytehub, here are my thoughts on your pitch:

      1. I recommend you not to tell your customer when they should buy your product. This sounds kinda pushy and it will make you look like a salesman. Instead try to convince them with straight up facts that make me want to buy your product. The only things that I can get out of your pitch is that you are having lots of react components and offer them for 35$ a year which doesnt generate enough trust for me to actually commit to your product. Focus more on the "why" rather than the "what" and "how much".



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