Sales November 22, 2020

Tell Me Your Sales Process (Please)


Hey all Indie Entrepreneurs.

I am building an app to minimise the effort on putting together sales proposals. And I am looking to for a bit of help from all service providers out here - developers, consultants, designers.

Can you tell me a bit about your sales process? I.e what is the process you go through to land a client?

I've put together a simple Typeform for that. It would mean a lot for me if you filled it out. I will put together a report and share the results and best practices with all the people that are willing to invest 3-minutes of their time :)

Cheers & Thank You!

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    Hey there!

    You'll be able to find several, very detailed sales processes of successful founders in my Sales for Founders podcast.

    I shared a breakdown of what a good sales process should look like in this Twitter thread, too:

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      That is awesome, Louis!

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