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Tell us about your blog

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

I think it is safe to say that indie hackers do in fact have blogs.

I'd love to have a more permanent list of blogs to make it easier to find, I will be pinning this to the Bloggers group.

If you blog, please:

  • tell us what you write about
  • share the URL

Thanks in advance. 🙏🏽

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    I analyze how businesses can leverage modern trends and tech for:

    • Increased revenue
    • Decreased costs
    • Modernizing the way they are operating

    A couple of examples:

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    My personal blog is DailyVis. I write about collecting and analyzing personal data about my day to day life.

    The data includes fitness, diet, mood, productivity, time allocation, and I use it to track progress, work towards my goals, be mindful of good/bad habits, and keep a concrete journal of my life for future reference. My posts include interactive visualizations of some of my data, and I allow the site visitors to upload their own (if they keep a daily log themselves) to visualize + analyze using the same methods I do.

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      Cool, I'd never heard of the quantified self movement, thanks for writing about it!

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    My personal blog is part of my website:

    I only got started with it a few months ago. The idea is to write content about topics that are related to the book I recently published. The goal is to create more traction.

    Currently, it primarily contains posts that are related to specific aspects of writing a technical book. In the near future, there will be more technical posts related to DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing.

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    Hello Team,

    Sorry I am only reading this email as I was away due to death in the family. If not too late my blog is all about The Benefits from eating healthy.

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    Would love to share it:
    DGLegacy is a password management and asset protection digital inheritance service.

    On our blog, we share interesting posts on the topics of digital and financial assets abandoned in bank accounts, insurance policies, crypto wallets and online trading platforms, and how people can use digital inheritance to ensure their assets will be inherited by their loved ones.

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    My personal blog is Moonshots Beyond the Cloud: Exploring astronomy, space, and Google.

    I write about Google products and technologies, astronomy and space with Android, Python, self-publishing, and blogging.

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      Your blog looks good. Is it custom built or preexisting one?

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        The blog as as vanilla as it can get. I use Google Blogger with the Contempo theme. I just added a header image and, few widgets in the left sidebar, and a few static pages in the top navigation bar.

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        This comment was deleted a month ago.

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    I blog about funny, uplifting and happiness inducing videos check them out at

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    I’m late to the party but better late than never. I just started this blog recently where I talk about strategies for finding, assessing, interviewing and hiring the best talent, especially on the technical and development side.

    Visit us here:

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    A personal blog where I share what I learn and writing about building on the internet

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    I've been blogging off-and-on about technology since 2005 at

    For 2021, I'm making a shift to focus on the intersection of game engines, business, & creativity.

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      For Tech - This blog is a real-time implementation, that I performed on a day to day basis.
      It helps any technical/non-technical individual in understanding various topics practically such as 'Scrum/Agile/Waterfall', Php, database , devops pipeline, AWS, Security, etc.

      For Facebook, Amazon, Google, Netflix, Alphabet, Microsoft, Uber, Lyft, etc. Interviews :
      If you want to learn about recent Product/Program/Technical Product Manager/Project management questions, this is a perfect blog to stay updated on.

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    Hello fellow Indie Hackers,

    I've a blog as part of my website. I have built a platform that collects real-time data for many of the major bike share schemes in Ireland and the UK, and provides a console with which one can explore that data over time.

    I try to use those tools to make interesting analyses of various schemes when time allows. Probably the one I'm happiest with is here - where I put a few tools to work to make sense of the Dublin scheme. I hope to do an analysis of London's Santander scheme soon, based on the dashboard I have built..

    Always more to write about :)

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    I write about software engineering, iOS development, apiculture and entrepreneurship.

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    Hi Rosie, hope you are well. My name is David Knight .. pen name AscensionForYou.
    I have co-written 8 books with 'spirit', inner-dictation/channelling and have a weekly Sunday blog post to inspire/motivate people towards self-realization ... personal transformation.
    Ebooks/ paperback and an audiobook available
    Website address is

    Keep safe everyone. Peace. David

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    I am writing blog posts about tech & cloud services in a simplified way for people who are interested in that kind of technology! :)

    Feel free to follow!

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    I'm writing about the journey of building a calm and sustainable business, remote work, and thoughts around ethics within a workplace.

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    I interview people my age (40ish) & older who made big changes in their lives - career, babies, weight.

    I find out Why they did it and ask them for lessons learned.

    I sometimes write my own thoughts because it’s my blog & I can do what I want.

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    hello! I Am Orlando, I started writing about video games and self-improvement very recently. I just published about five games like the legend of zelda you can play.

    my next post will be about some awesome tools to make your own zelda-like games. <-- SUBSCRIBE HERE!

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    I have a Startup Morgue blog which we are now adding to our company blog - interview series with founders about their failed startups and mistakes they made -

    My favorite story so far is The Death By A Thousand Cuts -

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    Just released this blog template:

    Makes it really easy to build a customizable Next.js blog with content backed by Notion.

    I'm using it for my personal blog here:

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    I blog in two different places depending on the content. I have focused much more on content relating to money and personal finance the past year, but I am trying to even that out lately. My software focused blog is and my money and personal finance blog is

    My goal with my personal software focused blog is to give easy to digest technical help and breakdowns on various topics in programming and cloud architecture. Most of my traffic comes from organic search since it can get more technical and is better for directed help than a casual morning read.

    My goal with my personal finance blog is to document my thoughts on money and my journey to financial independence through saving, investing, and creating other streams of income. I see tons of personal finance blogs and YouTube channels that just regurgitate generic content, and I want to keep my content original and opinionated. Whatever thoughts about money, investing, value, and economics pop into my head get put there.

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    My blog is

    I write about software development, which I find unnecessary complicated these days. I try to simplify the concepts as much as possible and show how to make quick-and-easy variations of well-known parts, like React or Docker or VMs or compilers or (to be continued).

    I recently decided to go one step further and made my blog fit into 10KB size limit to improve user experience. It has been a great exercise in minimalism and very much in the spirit of this blog.

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    This is a great idea @rosiesherry.

    My blog is here - - any subscribers are very welcome!

    I'm planning on a daily content post from next week and really looking forward to it.

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    Our business has a blog aimed at helping startups navigate the changing digital landscape by sharing our insights related to online strategy and working remotely.

    The primary focus is currently digital marketing and remote work strategies so check it out if you're interested in thoses topics.

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    Hi Everyone,

    At ComplishApp we've started a blog that is aimed at offering support around remote and distributed work in the hybrid workplace. Here are a few of our latest articles to give you a feel for what we cover.

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    My blog is at

    A blog about product management, bootsrapping and no code tools

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    I run PulseBlueprint, a news blog for freelancers and remote workers.

    I cover news from around the world - either about freelancers / freelancing, or the news from a freelancer's perspective (aka how it affects us)

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    I explain complex topics in exactly 500 words.

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    I run a blog where I curate articles on how behavioral science can be used to make better products and improve marketing. I also send it out as a newsletter every Wednesday to subscribers. I do think that I need to increase written content more and reduce the curated content.

    Url -

  30. 1 is where I write about what I am doing/making/drawing.

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    I write about digital marketing, google analytics, facebook ads, and about entrepreneurship. I plan to start writing tutorials on my blog starting next week :-)

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    Here is my blog
    I am writing programming tutorials and daily journal. I write tutorials in English. But English is not my native language, I sometimes find it hard to share my thoughts. So I use Vietnamese, my native language to write daily journal

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    My personal blog is at
    My blog contents are varied by my interest at that time. I usually put interesting things I found there. I follow the concept of digital garden.

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    My blog is called iSquared

    It is a common ground to perceive science through visualizations and illustrations

    Some popular blogs on iSquared:

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    I write about my insights and thoughts around product development, startups, tech and education. Basically stuff I’m interested about projects I’m working on.

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    My personal blog is

    I write usually about Drupal and PHP stuff. I enjoy sharing what I've learned with other developers.

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    I write a personal blog about

    • quitting my job to become an indie hacker,
    • following my dreams and
    • leading a meaningful life

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    I'm building a digital age worldview to thrive in our changing times. Topics, analysis, and mental frameworks that help digital age workers adapt and thrive in the digital age. The content intersect at geopolitics, fintech, crypto, individual responsibility, and personal freedom.

    In short - I focus on where the world is heading and how to prepare for it.

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    I write tutorials and techinical articles teaching developers how to build mobile and web applications. Specifically chat based apps.

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    My blog:
    Box Piper is about Tech, Product, Money, Books, Life. Will be adding blogs on Money as well. Added blogs on others till now.

    Also, i have created a central repository in GitHub with all the great blogs: You can add yours as well.

    If you liked my blog, you can susbcribe and if you like the GitHub repository you can send some stars to me.

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    Personal blog about Design: Product design, Web design, Tools (Webflow, Figma, AdobeXD).

  42. 1

    I write about personal finance, investing and software engineering. The main goal of writing is to share about the lessons and information that I've learnt and put it in a more structured, easy to understand way:

  43. 1

    I write about my journey towards FIRE while nomading around the world and building my own products

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    I have two blogs
    I write about the Swift programming language and related technologies. Mostly tutorials, videos, and a podcast.
    I write about anything software development related including JAMStack, Mobile, and Web. I also use this as my personal blog so I list my podcasts and some photography related material. This is my jump spot that I send people to.

    Both built with a custom Gatsby set up running on Netlify.


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    Love this topic and reading blogs in general!

    I write about entrepreneurship + public market investing at

    My most popular post ever - a recent story of how I negotiated the purchase of a new car:

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    I recently launched my blog which covers a broad range of business and technology topics, often through the lens of communication and writing.

    The Peffrey

    Built with Ghost.

  47. 1

    I blog about living a more intentional, innovative life. A lot of the articles are about creativity, entrepreneurship, and wellness :)

    newsletter archives

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    Just started a few days ago! It’s called The Featured Image and is all about inspiring creators to put their own visual creativity into their work.

    So if you are a writer or a creator, getting more comfortable drawing or designing your own images for your projects and writing. I look forward to featuring some indie hackers who are doing this kind of thing already.

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    At Backendless, we host a blog where we post a variety of topics related to our service including new release announcements, how-to guides and tutorials, guides for integrating our service with other no-code platforms, and more.

    Our recent integration series covered integrating Backendless with heavy-hitters such as Wix, Bubble, Webflow, Adalo, and others.

    We can be found here:

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    Not sure if this is relevant to Indie Hackers but my blog is about what it means to live a good life: Habits, philosophy, practices, etc.

  51. 1

    Product Lessons is my weekly newsletter: I share unfiltered, actionable advice to help 4000+ people accelerate their career. Each post can be read within 3-5 minutes :)

  52. 1

    Personal blog primarily about development and tech reviews

  53. 1

    Illustrated quotes about design and product strategy

  54. 1

    I write about like in general (making music, raising a family) as well as development and coding tips and things that I have learned while building a business...

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    I started a blog It was a good blog for the time as i was trying to mentor freelancers (never planned it, just offered through conversation)

    Then I decided to stop because people would leverage against me as I work other endevors where I had to hire freelancers 😅

    Also learned the hard way that I need to keep the tech stack simple or non existent.

    Anyway, I plan to start a new one soon on substack and see if the same audience would be interested.

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    The Ultimate Twitter Growth Hacking Blog

    Self-explanatory, but we help marketers, consultants, entrepreneurs, etc. build a Twitter audience rapidly and monetize said audience.

    My latest post on how to leverage Twitter to grow your SaaS:

    1. 1

      Thanks for sharing, interesting article!

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    My blog is called The Plant-Based Diet Club ->

    Get recipes, meal prep tips, and resources to help you eat a whole foods plant-based diet.

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    I am nowhere near being an expert in any particular topic, but I believe that the beautiful thing about helping others is that you don’t have to be an expert. Instead, you only have to be a little further along than the person you’re assisting. Most likely, there is at least one person on a similar journey to you. For the past two years, I kept quiet because I:

    a) thought if I am not super successful (¡Hola imposter syndrome) I have no cause to write and

    b) felt like I don't have time for it.

    I have a lot of thoughts and I feel like I want to have an outlet for them. Writing is a great way to reflect on my thoughts and actions, it makes me have actual skin in the game, and... serendipity. So I finally set up my blog:

    ✨built with Nuxt and Notion

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    It's not my personal but something I'm trying to get off the ground given I'm passionate about it.
    A blog for curated content around woodworking.

    Let me know what you think!

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    I used to write-up a lot of code-oriented things. These days I've started writing more about tech news, management, trends, and my views outside the Silicon Valley bubble.

  61. 1

    Would anybody be interested on my blog on recruiting for tech? I know it's not the place but for those that still have/need a day job it could be valuable. Lots of remote work, industry trends, who's hiring.

  62. 1

    My personal blog is Jon.IO and I write about Startups and products!

  63. 1

    Startups, software engineering, and management:

  64. 1

    My blog is for INFP & INFJ creatives. All writers/creatives are welcome (not just INFs), and I write about 'work', 'life', and everything in between. It's called INF Club :)

  65. 1 - Building in public styled blog - on substack but unsure if I will stay there or bring something in house on webflow.

  66. 1

    I combine science and philosophy to help people improve their lives

    Also have a community for lifelong learners at

  67. 1

    I don't use a Blog in the formal sense. I've never liked or read many of them. I have a Facebook group ( where I post both articles I collect and my responses to business-related questions I receive on Over the last 30 days my Quora responses have had 18.6K views and my group postings are being read and my group has grown from 1 member to 217 over the last 30 days. My goal is to double my membership in the next 30 days and increase my readership.

    I write and post information designed to educate and assist new business owners and those considering starting a business. I have 40 years of hands-on business ownership experience that I want to share with people. I wish I had found a resource like myself when I first started out. Life would have been so much easier. The unfortunate thing is that most people believe that starting and running a small business is easy and that they will figure out whatever they don't know on their own. Sometimes that works and sometime you end up paying a high price to learn what not to do.

  68. 1

    I recently started a blog on engineering and creativity: Making Smaller Circles

    A couple of popular posts:

    Looking forward to checking out the other blogs on the thread!


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    I’m still a beginner at blogging, but I have a couple articles on my Medium page at and I just started my actual blog at

    I tend to write about different technologies, programming languages, etc. Any feedback is much appreciated!

  70. 1


    I write useful code snippets for Go, Ruby, CSS, Javascript, etc. and sometimes I write about cooking.

  71. 1


    I write about my thoughts and opinions on tech news, the latest gadgets, and the future. This is new to me, so I am still finding my niche. I also have a weekly newsletter.

    Thank you!

  72. 1

    I write about sensors and microcontroller programming in my blog

  73. 1

    I just started blogging for my company- DocFrame. So far I’ve written about table, column, and row-level permissions.

  74. 1

    I play amazing games, observe and dissect what makes them great and extract game design design techniques which you can use in products. Yes, it's a blog on gamification that talks about beyond point, badges and progress bar.

    I've just published first version of my blog (Website work still in progress but I just shipped it because blog is readable at least)

  75. 1

    Personal - primarily short and simple posts on how to do technical things I had to search for ages to figure out.

    Business - privacy and encryption related posts. This post, Cryptography in Layman's Terms is one I'm most proud of.

  76. 1

    -I blog about community building and knowledge management.

  77. 1

    I write about:

    • earning a living on the internet
    • tech for solo-founders
    • building / acquiring SaaS

    A few of my posts that are best for IndieHackers are:

  78. 1

    I write about programming (web, mobile), mostly tutorials. Still not regularly.

  79. 1

    I write about software development (Ruby, Elixir, JavaScript) and Linux. I want to start blogging more about indie life as I go.

  80. 1
    I write about Product, Growth Marketing, Personal Growth, and Life in General.

  81. 1

    I don't blog very regularly, but try to document solutions to interesting or hard technical, (usually programming), challenges I face.

    One of my best-performing posts of all time is a post about streaming video I wrote in 2008 - it was the top or 2nd-top most viewed post on my blog for 10 years!

    These days it's more WordPress or Laravel intricacies, some productivity or process automation, and a running list of books I read.

    See it all at!

  82. 1

    I write about software development at

    I have a list of the most popular articles here:

  83. 1

    Thanks for the opportunity to plug my blog 😬

    I build web apps and try to write about what I learn in the process. I haven't been very consistent last year, but writing is a top priority for me this year.

    This is the post from my blog I am most proud of -

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