Tell us about your product. Excited to hear!

Drop your links to your products/projects. I am curious to know what people are building.

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    We are building a website widget that allows business owners to upload a video on your websites and show it over the webpage incentivizing users to perform target action (send an email, phone number, or redirect to a certain page).


    Get more paying customers by usingthe #1 tool for increasing conversion rate

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      this is cool. Unique

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    Userveys - Trying to bring humanization and personality back to feedback/surveys (and soon to include video responses)

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      Userveys looks amazing! We will, it be ready? Would like to use it for our paperless.io launch.

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        I could probably have something in early early beta in a week or two depending on the features you think you will use. Shoot me an email at rob [at] userveys [dot] com and we can figure that out!

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          I will send you mail, thanks!

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            I'll be on the lookout, and please add yourself to the beta list too, just to make sure you're on any wider communication I may send out.


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    https://polygloss.app is a collaborative language learning platform shaped as an image-guessing game. The game is designed to help intermediate level learners improve their communication skills and self-expression in a foreign language by unleashing their creativity. It is a bridge between learning the basics and language exchange based on critical pedagogy and languaging.

    When you play Polygloss you are encouraged to create short authentic writings in a low-stress environment, refining your productive vocabulary and becoming prepared for full conversations later on. Because the game is fully image-based, it can be generalized as a truly multilingual platform allowing the practice not just of languages that are commonly catered for, but also minority languages, dialects, and even your own conlang.

    I started building it as my MSc project where I used machine learning to evaluate the progress of players' language proficiency, and now after graduating it is becoming a real product.

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    ruttl - ruttl is the fastest way to collect visual feedback, collaborate, and manage ideas on live websites. It's specially built for design teams with various members such as product managers, project managers, clients, web designers and developers.

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      Your website looks stunning! Definitely will consider it for our website updates at paperless.io

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        Haha thank you so much! Happy to hear it!

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      Going with the vibe. Cool!

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      Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with the expectation the domain name promised vs. the offer. I automatically thought offline events - gigs, conferences, games - to then see it was limited to a current trend (Club house social media app). I am sure it will be useful to some.

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        Hey, @linguahabit. At least the domain name have multiple directions, in case it will not succeed with the clubhouse thing.
        Btw, thank you for the input!

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    http://miproyecto.io/ - Like Product Hunt but in spanish 😊

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      More scope for these projects nowadays, All the best!

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    CodeWrite - the best blogging tool for developers. Great Grammarly support, full-blown code editor and formatter for handling snippets inline, and "one-click publishing" (auto filling) for developer platforms like Hashnode, Dev.to, and Medium (with more to come!)

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      how can we collab!

      I am creating - https://lagandlog.com/ , a knowledge-sharing platform.

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        Lag and log looks nice - great name BTW 😅
        Feel free to connect with me on Twitter!

        1. 1

          Done. Followed Arek nawo

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    Geeks UI - Academy & Educational Courses Admin Theme built with Bootstrap. Geeks design is suited for the academy and online courses marketplace with the admin dashboard.

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    FileAgo - secure cloud storage and collaboration platform for businesses.

    We had the self-hosted version for over a couple of years now. But we quietly also opened our SaaS two days ago.

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      Good luck for your launch! If you need a tool to sign your contracts let me know - we are looking for testers at paperless.io

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        Thanks, will definitely check it out!

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      I'm curious to know the tech stack and how files are handled.

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        Hey, thanks for your interest. Fellow mallu here :-)

        FileAgo backend (the application server) is written in Erlang, and the files are stored in object-stores.

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          Cool. I'm, not an Erlang guy ;) How it will be handled for latency issues?

          Shameless plug ;) You can promote by sharing tech logs here - lagandlog.com

          Connect with me - https://twitter.com/sasiKdharan

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            It handles latency pretty well, as good as any other stack tbh. LagAndLog looks very nice, congrats. Just followed you!

            1. 1

              Nice connecting with you

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    VenturesList - I help first time founders achieve their fundraising goals by startup investment insights & resources.

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      Definitely consider it for the time after bootstrapping! We want to understand how we can place paperless.io on a page like yours. Do you have a tip?

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      This might be useful for many, cool

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    Minecraft Playdates](https://minecraft-playdates.com)? is a Minecraft server hosting service, just launched in January, designed for parents to manage multiplayer Minecraft playdates for their kids and their friends without knowing anything about server hosting.

    I'd love your thoughts!

    I'm offering Minecraft Playdates subscriptions for 50% off for 1 year for IndieHacker readers (this is +6 months from our current offer!) Message me for the discount code.

    Additionally, if you're a parent of a Minecrafter and open to trading 30 minutes of your time in exchange for a discount or gift card: We're running a user study, looking for 20 parents to sign up, give it a try with your kids and their friends, and provide feedback in a 30 minute long conversation. If you're chosen you get a free server for 1 week, and upon completion of the study you receive either 75% off for the lifetime your subscription) or a $25 Amazon gift card. Sign up here (18 slots remaining at the time of writing)

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      Looking forward! Any demo URL for the application?

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    I'm building a hosted mock api service to aid with front end development. Possibly not the most exciting thing!



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    I'm working on Cybbr: a secure network technology that allows you to access and share your files remotely on the Web directly from your computer. Because you manage your own storage and easily control access security, you maintain your privacy as no copies of your data are kept in the cloud.

    It is currently in development mode: Register on the website and when the system is available you can access the Private Beta.

    Access: https://cybbr.com

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    Building Lifelog at the moment. Helping people write towards their goals, 100 words a day at a time. I'm constantly surprised at how daily writing is so under-valued but yet almost a superpower when it comes to achieving goals. Hope to explore more about that with the encouraging community at Lifelog.

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        Just saw Lag And log, love it! Also a writing platform like Lifelog, but for knowledge-sharing among devs. Love that you have a category on Strapi - that's what I used to build Lifelog. Are you using it too?

        1. 2

          Exactly. Lag and Log is backed by strapi!

          1. 2

            Feedbacks appreciated.

            feel free to connect - https://twitter.com/sasiKdharan

            1. 1

              Nothing much at this point. Would love to read your articles on Strapi though

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    Dont Text - iOS app to block spam text messages

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    If you are a developer founder, checkout my macOS app 😄 https://devutils.app

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      hey man, any release for Linux users?

      1. 1

        Sorry for now it's mac only 😅

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    https://Answerly.app - Questions/Answer platform built on Stellar blockchain. Similar to Quora but this has additional features such as:

    • Rewards for the best answer and questions (Best answer is selected based on an algorithm). These rewards can easily be converted into fiat.
    • Built in plagiarism checker.

    Working on this for the last 2 years. The platform is still under development and should be ready to go Beta-live within the next week or so.

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      cool, the link to the blog is not workingg

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    My first product ever! I'm starting small with a technical book. It walks developers how to build a software-as-a-service app from scratch using a number of great, popular technologies — Next.js, React, and others.


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        Nice! Looks like Gatsby. Is it all static?

        1. 2

          Yep, Gatsby and Strapi.

          It's dynamically fetched from rest api.

    1. 2

      That's a really cool idea. I'm sure many people will be interested by that.

      I think we miss tech book which describe a project and teach at the same time. It's always the boring "here's an array", "here's a variable", "here's a silly example".

      Good luck!

      1. 1

        Thanks, that’s what I’m thinking. You can learn JS itself everywhere, but there aren’t many places to learn how to ship a full app with a payment gateway on it, access controls and so on.

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    https://minipoll.co - a super easy way to create a poll that can be shared across multiple channels (newsletter, twitter, text, snapchat, etc) to get feedback from a wide range of users/friends... no sign up required!

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    https://summarypanda.com/ - Remove annoying 'blah blah blah' parts of any YouTube video.

    1. 1

      The concept is great! But I guess this requires a whole lot of manual effort to annotate the videos?

      1. 1

        ya the videos are manually added. something like community powered content (think wikipedia). There are a lot of AI powered summarizers out there but they seem to be not accurate and accuracy is important for educational content.

        These manual entries are crowdsourced, I thought to create this untill we get accurate results from AI. The videos added can also be used as data feed for machine learning while developing an AI.

        I also developed a chrome extension to make it easier for people to add.

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      Interesting. Is this a video platform?

      Or decentralized DAPP

      1. 1

        It's not a DAPP. It's just a Javascript based tool.

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    Analytics Tally creates a simplified view for your google analytics data. Also you can share the dashboard publicly with anyone.

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    About Me

    Indrek here. I’m a curious writer, researcher, founder, and engineer. At my core, I am an entrepreneur. I love to spend as much time as I can with entrepreneurs.

    I scout the internet for interesting projects and startups. I’m an active community member of IndieHackers, ProductHunt, Twitter, Hackernews, and Reddit.

    What is Startups Crushing It?

    Startups Crushing It! is a newsletter is about early-stage startups who have the potential to be unicorns one day.

    The primary focus is on European and US startups. Sometimes there are outliers although.

    Check out the archive here: https://www.startupscrushing.com/archive

    1. 1

      Sounds cool to me. Subscribed :)

    2. 1

      definitely, will check

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    https://app.perona.id a link sharing webapp that you can use to share your link collection in one link. but not only links, you can share text, image and event youtube video too
    It still have ui/ux flaw but you can try it for free.
    example https://perona.id/dytra

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    https://deltabadger.com is a dollar-cost averaging tool for retail investors in cryptocurrencies. I started it as a pet-project for friends and family, but it exploded.

    I wasn't expecting that, but the big part is the community and being all for users (replying to emails, DMs, tweets). I didn't expect it will be that important.

    The biggest challenge was to find 3rd parties that want to deal with a "crypto" business. I had issues with everything: transactional email provider, email deliverability, payments, ads. I found solutions for all of them. I may write an article about it at some point.

    My biggest takeaway so far is to follow Musk advice:

    Every day, be on the factory's ground thinking about how I can make the product better?

    1. 1

      Amazing! Keep rocking.

      You can write about it here - https://lagandlog.com/

      Excited to learn more about deltabadger.com

      Let's connect - https://twitter.com/sasiKdharan

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    viewscreen.io (website not live yet). Hosted admin panel service. Stop wasting time building and maintaining your own admin panel and get back to doing what is really important, delivering value to your customers.

    Viewscreen's UI is completely driven by a simple to understand JSON document. No HTML. No CSS. Just JSON.

    1. 1

      Waiting to see, how it's gonna be!

      Let me know once the site is up-

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    CuriousFounders- A medium like platform for entrepreneurs to help them share their stories and build in public you can early sign up for it here: https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/curiousfounders

    You can read more about it here:

    1. 1

      I appreciate it, young man! you're cool

      Let's connect to share more -https://twitter.com/sasiKdharan

    1. 1

      Hey man!

      I have used your Blocks.wickedtemplates.com domain -> Should I need to share credits or any copyrights...lol:)

      The first component is from your site. ;)


      Let's connect - https://twitter.com/sasiKdharan

      1. 1

        Wow! That looks great mate.

      2. 1

        Amazing! Absolutely not. Take as much as you need!

        I am I redesigning the site also.

        Let me see your site 1😄

        1. 1


          Feel free to connect - https://twitter.com/sasiKdharan

          I'm building in public

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    Listnr - https://www.listnr.tech/

    Listnr helps you start a Podcast without recording anything.

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    Building a community to help people learn any skill through watching and analysing scenes from their favourite movies & TV shows: https://watchlearnwin.substack.com/p/mini-course-01-how-to-negotiate-your

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    I'm making GIFs which you can use in your product :)

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    We build paperless.io -
    What is Paperless: Paperless helps you to create, customize and send documents to get them filled and signed in no time.
    Our Mission is to enable businesses to transition to frictionless e-signature and document workflows. For a paperless world with peace of mind.

    1. 2

      Go paperless, you're saving the world man! ;) amazing products BTW

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    mkws is a small, no bloat, minimalist static site generator using sh as a templating language.

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    https://socialdeck.io - Twitter automation and analytics tool
    Made first for social media managers, bloggers, freelancers to save time.

    Looking for the awesome feedback.

    1. 1

      Nice idea!


      1. Diff shape for GET STARTED and SCHEDULE DEMO is a little weird.
      2. Smooth scroll should be done. Now it's shaky on scrolling.

      Overall looks good.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback .. man.

          1. 1

            Sure, Just did it.

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    gortas - an open source API-based authentication service, developed to minimise efforts to create authentication for applications.

  33. 1

    Kreya - A gRPC GUI client for testing gRPC APIs (think Postman, but gRPC instead of REST services)

  34. 1

    https://fastestnotes.com - CLI to do list with superpowers ;)

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    I'm building Brisqi- an offline-first personal Kanban app.

    Feedback is welcome.

    1. 1

      That's interesting, how its stores my data?

      In local or backup takes place in an interval.

      1. 1

        It stores both locally and in the cloud. When it is stored in the cloud, it's in encrypted form.

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