Course Creators March 20, 2019

Test my courses? Learn Japanese. :)

Chad Thiele @Chaddeus

I am building my own simple "LMS" in WordPress. My courses are teaching Japanese. I know, there's a ton of material to learn Japanese from, but of course -- I think mine's different. lol

This post is a request to see if you can teach yourself hiragana and katakana from my courses. Do they flow well for you? Any technical issues?

They're free. I'm getting the code and foundations done and then will work on adding members-only courses.


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    GJ! I'm curious about what is the most efficient way to learn English :)

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      I would say it's roughly the same way I'm teaching Japanese. Recall practice and situational learning (vocab/phrases for situations you'll actually find yourself in).

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    Hello, I'm working on the Japanese space myself: The current landing page is the third iteration xD And I already gave up on this idea too, I'm on my way to my 4th iteration.

    How do you plan to monetize the members-only courses? What are your goals revenue wise, short term and long term?

    This is a really hard space to work on, but I'm also very passionate about Japanese, so I understand why you are working on it.

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      Monetizing the members-only courses is just me using WordPress to restrict access to the course content unless they have a certain tag applied to their account.

      This tag is applied while subscription is active and removed when subscription ends.

      Honestly, if I can manage to get to $500 MRR short-term I'd be happy.

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        I read your other recent post. To be honest, I think reaching $500 MRR in a few months with this idea in this space, will almost require a miracle. I don't mean to dissuade you, if you truly believe that you can do it and you have a concrete plan go for it. However if your main goal is reaching the $500 MRR vs working on something you are passionate on (learning Japanese) I would suggest you shift your focus to a safer bet. For example, some type of B2B service or product where with just a handful of clients (2-5) you can reach those $500 MRR. I understand that working on something you enjoy is extremely important, but sometimes you need a compromise between enjoyment and marketability. After all, you also want those $$$

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          Why do you believe people wouldn't want to sign up?

          Honest question. Just curious to see if I can find a blocking thought would-be customers might have so I can discuss it up front.

          $500 MRR would be ~75 members (and then accounting for churn of course).

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            It's not that I don't think that they would not signup. The thing is that getting (and keeping them) those 75 members will be a herculean task that will take a long time. Most people who think they want to learn Japanese will give up super quick (especially since you are marketing to beginners). Also, many people who think they want to learn, expect to do it for free with resources such as Duolingo. Finally, you will need an outstanding marketing effort that might take a long time to pull off. SEO can not be done overnight and manually recruiting users is a slow and painful process. If you had a mailing list of 10,000 people who want to learn Japanese or a top ranking Japanese learning blog, things would be different. Look at, he has been successful at this space. But that success was built upon years and years of writing high quality, well researched long format content about learning Japanese.

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              I hear ya. Tofugu is pretty awesome. ;p

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    Tried a i u e o, went really well. The only thing I would note is the challenge mode, it flashes so fast sometimes that its impossible to see. If this is intended, I understand. But perhaps have a button to flash it again? I just dont know when to be prepared for it :)

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      Nice. Thank you. Maybe tapping the character to pop it back up for a second?

      Appreciate the feedback.

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    The link isn't working for me. Did you abandon this?

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