August 17, 2019

Testing out my MVP?


Hello everyone,

I thought I start trying out a weekend project. I would like feedback from people. Perhaps also Beta testers (it's free).

It's basically a simpler and safer way of processing checkout forms.


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    Cool idea, but I don't really understand how it gonna work. Let's say someone want to buy something from amazon with his payment details which already saved on liroop! How and where the buyer should put his Liroop ID? How it works while the buyer on amazon's checkout page for example ?!

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      I was going for the Paypal method: enter your username and password. But this is an MVP, I'm still validating if it's something prefer. What're your thoughts?

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        How you gonna process payments ? by stripe ?
        you have to ask yourself a question like why should ppl leave paypal and use liroop ?

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      I guess this directed to new platforms, only for developers, if that so, I recommend to remove amazon image to prevent confusion.

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