Daily Stand-up May 3, 2019

TGIF Edition: Daily Stand Up!

Janice @Janice


That extra nudge of accountability to achieve even a small step on your IH journey each day.

To join in:

01 Share your epic (a big chunk of work with a meaty objective) you'd like to complete by the end of May.

02 Share what you accomplished yesterday.

03 Share what you commit to accomplishing today.

04 Comment on at least one fellow hacker's progress and give them an IH Point for their check in.


05 Share your Work In Progress to underscore your accomplishments.

Then tune in the tomorrow to share how you did on your own tasks!


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    Thoughtful Finance

    [May] App published in app store.

    [Yesterday] Found and fixed an issue with syncing. Improved the loading screen UX. Did some product management cleanup.

    [Today] Looking into some encryption issues with the initial data sync.

    [Kudos] @vcmartins for analytics and ads. I'll need to learn about ads at some point.

    [Work In Progress] Continuing to use the app for my own finances and make improvements based on that.

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      What does product management cleanup entail?

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        I'm using Asana to keep track of a few hundred todo items, mostly various bugs and features that I'm working on. Every few days I go through and reorganize them based on what I've gotten done and new information I've learned.

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    2019 Goals

    • [Magnus Rush] 50 Interactive Podcasts Created by Podcast hosts: (5/50) 10%
    • [Magnus Rush] 12k MAU for the App: (60/12k)
    • [Announcr] Build prototype and try to sell it to a customer

    May Goals

    • [Magnus Rush] Automate podcast outbound emails based on user activity: 0% Complete
    • [Magnus Rush] Invite 30 podcasts to the platform: 0% Complete
    • [Announcr] Validate business interest with 10 survey responses/interviews: 2/10
    • [Announcr] Sign one customer for a paid pilot: 0% Complete
    • [Announcr] Prototype Location App for live demos: 10% Complete
    • [Announcr] Prototype Location Client App for live demos: 31% Complete


    • [Magnus Rush] Talked with the King of Pricing Patrick Campbell from Profitwell. He made some great suggestions about my GTM (Go To Market) strategy, and weighed in on the pricing model. Seemed to like the MR concept. Pushed back hard on Announcr.
    • [Magnus Rush] Worked on a bug.. episodes stopping before they're finished completely
    • [Announcr] Day 2 Dev Update video: https://youtu.be/jQwg-_SQ37w
    • [Announcr] Designed and built basic announcement polling infrastructure
    • [Announcr] Enabled location code entry for the speaker
    • [Announcr] Created audio status messages so the speakers don't need to be hooked up to a display for operation
    • [Announcr] Created API endpoint to send an arbitrary announcement to a specific speaker


    • [Magnus Rush] Finish up the premature finish (hehe) playback bug
    • [Magnus Rush] Create Email Template for Automated Emails
    • [Announcr] UI work on the consumer app to send an announcement to the end point

    @Harlem for cranking on her curriculum


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      Thank you, kind sir!

      What tool are you using for email automation?

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        Right now I'm coding it myself... finding the user events that are appropriate to notify podcast owners about, and then mailing them from within the server using the MailGun api. I still need to learn about REAL email automation. Technically I should be setting up a drop campaign or something and initiating it from within my code, but that's not a baby step.

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    By end of 2019:

    5K MR ($699.34 of $5,000 - $0 from Jeanius | $699.34 from Hair Mogul)

    By end of May:

    • [Hair Mogul] Create 6 of 12 modules for online course.
    • [Jeanius] Add second VA.
    • [Jeanius] Add 16 posts of content.


    • [Hair Mogul] Created half the curriculum.
    • [Hair Mogul] Booked studio.
    • [Jeanius] Finished automating influencer funnel with VA.


    • [Hair Mogul] Create the other half of curriculum.
    • [Hair Mogul] Think of resources for each module curriculum.
    • [Hair Mogul] Create outline for introduction.
    • [Hair Mogul] Create outline for first module.
    • [Jeanius] Describe review post I'd like written.

    KUDOS: @cjroth. Welcome to the stand up party!

    WIP: Jeanius, Hair Mogul, Happy Endings

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      "Finished automating influencer funnel with VA." this sounds powerful!

      1. 2

        I agree! I can never find a good VA. What is the source? 🙏

        1. 2

          Of course! I used People Per Hour. I'm paying $260 per month for 25 hours. Plenty of responses from which four were really strong candidates!

          What are your tactics to vet the responders?

      2. 1

        Yeah. I gotta say... it's been invigorating to hire a VA. I'm glad I did the first round on my lonesome to that I understand the challenges. But I'm excited to see content generated without me having to do shit!

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    Late, but I figure I better get in here and give an update :)

    2019 EPIC

    • 5 paying customers for Automated API (0/5)
    • grow Threadbase.io by 25 paying users (0/25)
    • 250 users for DotNetNitro (0/250)


    • Get content trickling for Threadbase.io - 0/4 Content, 0/4 Additions to Onboarding Campaign
    • Launch DotNetNitro (0/1), defined by an actual downloadable Visual Studio 2019 extension
    • Get AutomatedAPI.com working with 10 Alpha users (0/10)

    Finished details I wanted to get to before actually going public with DotNetNitro.com
    Threw my back out...ER visit for shots and prescription for muscle relaxers. Horrible timing but that's life.

    Sister's wedding and serious back pain, so not much but if I can manage to sit up I do want to:

    • Write 2 emails for onboarding campaigns
    • Assemble some content for demo templates in the pipe

    @cjroth for getting published. App stores can be tough to get into but the restrictions almost always end up leading you to a better and more stable deliverable.

    DotNetNitro.com (side effect of agency work and good content for AutomatedApi dogfooding)

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      You're still playing the tease.

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    (Gonna do this whole weekend because I don't know if I'll have time to post)


    • Finish my current project


    • Too much real life work to work on side projects

    [This weekend]

    • Finish up last features I need to be able to send out a beta link


    • Thanks everyone for this thread, it's been a fun week contributing. See ya next week.
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      We'll see you on Monday!

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    1. 2019

      • $25K annual revenue
    2. May

      • $2000 in sales


    • Follow up w/ recruiter for updates on job leads
    • Follow up w/ VPs/HRs and get objections for the rejections
    • Define May goal and roadmap.
    • Did ghetto math to calculate and test a daily quota.
    • Follow up and schedule another customer interview.


    1. Define a persona. Pick a niche.
    2. List 100 contacts within that niche/persona.
    3. Find tips to improve my LinkedIn profile.

    @cjroth on putting the user/customer 1st by focusing on UX.

    Get clarity on the market and the customer!

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      Are the sales for Mindful? Same for the niche?

      1. 1

        The sales goal is for the sake of sales period 😂. I don't care if it comes from Mindful, freelance gigs or consulting. The niche is the way for me to stay disciplined and focused on the right customer in all my efforts (e.g. customer interviews, sales).

        Right now, Mindful reflects my journey to find problem-solution-founder fit.

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      What did you use for analytics?

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