Deals July 6, 2020

Thank you for helping us launch. Now we want to help you by giving Indie Hackers $320 of free shared advertising


With the help of all of you, we finally launched Cohoist. Cohoist is a way for you to get your brand in front of more people for less money by sharing online advertising costs with other Indie Hackers. We launched over the weekend and got our first paying customer within a couple hours. As a thank you for shaping our strategy, we're giving away $320 of free shared advertising to the first 8 Indie Hackers to join our "Faster Growth" package.

I've slowly grown my VBA site to over 2 million page views each year and it now provides enough income to live off of. I wanted to help other websites and online businesses build income-generating websites a bit faster than I did, so my brother and I started brainstorming ways to accelerate growth. That's how the idea for Cohoist was born. Here's our story.

The story of Cohoist

Cohoist started as an experimental project to identify unconventional ways for groups of people to help other small online businesses succeed. While testing new ideas, my brother and I wondered if one of the best ways to help businesses succeed would be to drive down the cost of building brand awareness. It's hard for fledgling online businesses to get noticed, especially in 2020, so we began thinking of ways to solve this very-real problem.

Our solution was the brain-child of a community-centric model my brother regularly sees as he teaches technical skills to very talented entrepreneurs in western Africa. We're both from the States, but he now lives in western Africa teaching skills like programming. In Africa, women in a community have established an effective system whereby, by pooling together their resources, they're able to maximize benefits for themselves individually and for the community collectively.

With Cohoist, we apply this same principle by promoting groups of 4-8 online businesses at the same time with shared ad campaigns, so you can afford to get your name in front of 4-8x more people for the same cost. We buy search and social media ads, like Twitter and Reddit ads, to promote these groups of businesses (and their social media accounts) at the same time. Collective promotion brings the overall cost of building brand recognition WAY down. This accelerates brand awareness and supports our mission to help online businesses reach more people for less money.

You can compare all our features on our Indie Hackers special offer page. Here's an excerpt from our features list showing the ad platforms we'll be rotating through:

How Cohoist Works

Let's say we have 8 businesses paying $80/mo. Cohoist is able to pool that money to generate up to $640 ($80x8) worth of monthly advertising exposure for each business using shared ads. It's a really neat way to increase brand awareness for a lot less money.

Once you create an account and join a membership tier, you'll be sent to a page where you begin building your business profile with info about your business, logos, and social media accounts. The first page of your business profile will look like this:

We use the info in your profile to create online ads featuring all 8 businesses and the "ad preview" section loads onto a central hub for you and the businesses we group you with. You can update your profile at any time so you can test your own call-to-actions and promote special offers.

We even have one customer linking to his Fiverr profile so he can get more freelancing clients.

Offer for Indie Hackers

The first 8 Indie Hackers to join our "Faster Growth" package will get this deal: We'll cover the cost of the 1st month of membership so you get $320 of free shared advertising to help get your online business in front of more people.

We want the ads for our first month to appear on Twitter or Reddit so we're hoping to get 8 Indie Hackers with active Twitter accounts. Twitter is a popular platform for Indie Hackers and we want to tag your business accounts in our promoted tweets to help you gain followers.

Here's the link where the first 8 Indie Hackers can access the offer. Again, I want to thank you all for shaping Cohoist and we're looking forward to promoting your online business!

Let me know if you have any questions! Once all 8 offers have been claimed, I'll update this post or add a comment. Note: An active subscription is required to get your ad credits.

Thank you,
Ryan Wells

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    I just signed up with pagewatch, looks very interesting :)

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      Awesome! Let me know if you need any help setting up your business profile for PageWatch! Cool looking site, btw 👍

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    We still have 5 of 8 slots remaining 😐