April 16, 2019

Thanks IndieHackers!

Kyle @kylegawley

It's been six months since I launched my latest side project on here (https://usegravity.app) and its been amazing to see it grow and start generating revenue with the support of fellow hackers here who have supported me and formed my first group of early-adopters.

This is definitely a great place to launch a product :-)


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    That's great Kyle! Would love to hear more of your story, are you able to share?

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      Sure, what would you like to know?

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        How has IH helped you build your business?
        Did you get customers out of it? What else have you been doing to get customers?
        Did they help define the product and give feedback?
        What is the revenue looking like atm?

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          My first customer group were all from IH (I didn't know them previously) but recruited them after a few posts on here and they have been insanely helpful with feedback/comments/testimonials.

          The rest come from SEO and paid.

          Revenue in March was $3k

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            What paid channel is working best for you?

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    Looks like it's time for you to update your revenue on IH!

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    This is a great idea! Have you thought about ways to make the revenues recurring or that's not the plan?

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      I tested out the first version on an annual subscription, but the price point was too low ($99). I am planning on offering an annual fee on the new plan, after the first year for continued updates and support.

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    Looks amazing! Are you planning on migrating to a more modern stack (ex: GraphQL/React)?

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      Thank you! The next major version will most likely use Vue for the front-end. I am wary about locking people into using two many tools and frameworks as the value prop is empowering people to build and ship fast, so I don't want to throw too many steep learning curves in their way (ie. React).

      The benefit of jQuery on the front-end, even though it's dated and not as powerful as Vue or React is that it's pretty universal at this stage and doesn't alienate a bunch of users by forcing them to use Vue or React.

      Will see though, I'm going to run a survey soon to figure out what direction to take the product based on user-demand.