Thanks so much -- on the Hacker News Front-page :-)

You guys are awesome. Sirix.io / https://github.com/sirixdb/sirix has been on the Hacker News front page (or still is) thanks to a post from you :-) That's so awesome...

  1. 4

    Congrats! Once the hype slows down, you can make a "stats" post here about what being on the front page of HN was like :)

    1. 1

      There were around 2000 unique visitors today, it's crazy :-)

      I now bought a few days on betapage

      1. 1

        Epic! That's so awesome. How'd did get on HN? Someone from IH posted there?

        1. 1

          Yes Kevin Burton posted :-)

  2. 3

    That's great! Do you have plans to monetize Sirix?

    1. 1

      Mh not really, but the biggest inspiration currently is Evan You and the Podcast with him here on indiehackers :-) I think it would be a dream getting sponsored, but yeah... I kept adding stuff stuff last years and especially since a year and now it seems I've had some luck. But I don't know how to get users into my community forum to receive feedback.

      And if anyone knows, can I somehow set up a newsletter on Github pages / Jekyll?

      1. 1

        Perhaps you can look at similar products/technologies to see how they get users? Best of luck :)

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