That one thing that helps me personally think more clearly

Thought I'd share this in case someone shares a similar habit (probably not) or would like to share their own:

I use a blowdryer as white noise and as a heater (when its freaking cold) to think through some of my ideas or just personal conflicts. I bring in a notepad at times, jot down thoughts, or just stare in to the abyss just thinking. I could probably do it for 30min-1hr before I start thinking about the electricity bill.

Maybe it is a coping mechanism or something but I find lots of comfort in it lol. My partner definitely gets annoyed but has comes to peace with it.

Anything ya'll do that is your personal 'quirk' to thinking more clearly or processing personal thoughts/ideas? I've heard for some, it is running, going for walks, but I guess for me, it is my handy dandy blowdryer haha.

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    Haha love this @jcheng45. I am on the other end of the spectrum though. I find the blissful silence the best in order to be able to think clearly.

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      noice - i'm assuming you have some nice noice cancelling headphones then too :)

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        I don't actually, but I currently live out in the countryside so it is a bit more 'quiet' than when I was in Toronto.

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    You are right. I also install this program in my newly water heater, you can read some best reviews about it here https://waterfilterly.com/

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    shower-time. taht's all.

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    Talking things through with coworkers is what helps me most when it comes to clarity! Thank you for creating this post! I have been thinking a lot about how to manage this issue. Thanks!

    Co-founder of CRUU, the best darned React development tool ever invented by humanity this week.

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      cool - do you schedule those conversations? or just go up to them to see if they have time to talk?

      i feel like most people don't want to be a burden to others

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        Usually we talk organically when a problem needs solving or a decision needs to be made. I think this is why VCs say they fund 'teams not ideas.' Teams are psychologically more resilient because they provide moral support. Hope things are going well!

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    In the evening, after day of work, kids, etc, I'm usually too tired to actually solve problems. So instead, I use the time to identify the next problem that I have to solve, plus doing some reading (IH for example).
    I write down the my conclusion - what needs to be done. Then I wake up early in the morning (used to be 5AM, changed a little in Corona times), and I read what I wrote.
    I found that it allows me to start being productive more quickly, because I already know what I have to do. And since I'm after a night sleep, I can think clearly and make progress.

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      Yeah, this is a great point. If you can figure out tomorrow, today, then you'll be in a much better spot first thing tomorrow.

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      yeah everything is diff w/ kids.

      i think what you said is helpful because to be able to 'jump back in' the next morning and not spend all evening thinking about stuff probably conserves energy, helps you be present, and be more efficient!

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    Interesting! I guess I sometimes stand in the shower and think deeply. Also not the greatest impact on the environment.

    Another approach you may like is using a noise machine or Alexa skill that plays white noise.

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      haha! yes i've looked into those noise machines...

      i do the shower thing too, i'm glad i don't/can't afford those sitting benches in the shower, or else i'd be chilling in their all day long lol

      we should catch up soon!

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        Definitely need to catch up soon... Hope things are doing well!

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