April 23, 2019

That's what pushed me to start building projects...

Kyle Galbraith @kgalb2

"I never thought I'd go into computer science. I just didn't view myself as that great of a mathematical, analytical thinker. I viewed myself as more creative. Ten years ago, I was actually going to film school. Luckily, six months in, I took a required programming course. We created a game, it was like an early rendition of Flappy Bird. And I realized, 'Oh, no, this is just as creative as anything else, if not even more creative. And it's instantaneous — if I have an idea, I can program it, run a build, and it's there.' It was super gratifying. Everything just flipped. I switched my major and became super interested in the problem solving aspect of programming. While working on my degree I was also working at a small start-up in Portland. 'Growing up' professionally in the start-up culture gave me a taste for entrepreneurship. That's what pushed me to start building projects on the side. I'm super happy to be on this path of building things that help folks solve their problems. I work now for a nonprofit and I've been a part of building technology that's helping to end child sex trafficking and sexual abuse across the internet. Being able to use my technical skills to make the world a better place, whether through the nonprofit or my side projects — that's my greatest joy."

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    Dude- you are one of the most creative and driven guys I know. Have learned a bunch from your course and posts. Keep up the great work.

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      Thank you Vince! I am so happy that my course has benefitted you. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can help you out with.