The BAGEL Method for highlighting books

I have my own highlighting system. It’s a color-coded system in which I flag books by primary colors with post-it notes. There’s blue, red, green, yellow, and orange. Each of those colors I’ll use to flag certain sections in a book. I call it the BAGEL method.

It starts B which B stands for Big Idea. I use the blue flag for anything that’s like a big idea, things that summarize the chapter or the book.

Then there’s the red flag, which I actually think is the most important. A stands for Antagonism. That’s something that is causing a cognitive dissonance or confusion, or some sort of friction in your mind. So if you read something and you feel like you don’t agree, you use the red flag. Keeping track of everything that confuses you can change your worldview, when you thought the world would work one way and it actually works in another way.

The G, which uses the yellow flag, is for General Idea. I use it to flag a main idea within a chapter.

The E is for External Reference, and that’s going to be the orange flag. You can flag any sort of research that’s referred to, so you can look into it later.

Finally, the L is for Lists, when the author goes through several supporting points. The green flag actually came about because I kept on running out of the yellow flags, so I needed a way to flag parts where a lot of points were coming up.

Source: https://nesslabs.com/juvoni-beckford-interview

Via @juvoni @anthilemoon 🙏

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    This was amazing! Def going to bookmark this, but not with a post-it😉

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      Lol, yeah. Each to our own.

      My natural tendencies is to post stuff online. I'm working towards better systems with Notion and Roam. Slowly, but surely.

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        What's your system with Notion and Roam? I'm working on a better way to highlight interesting stuff for long time now. I'm curious how others do it :)

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          I use Notion as a personal website (rosiesherry.com), I don't update it enough.

          I also use Notion as a knowledgebase for paid subscribers for rosie.land, which is much better maintained and carefully organized. It's part of a paid offering so I'm more motivated to maintain it.

          I'm still quite new to Roam, for now I've been trying to just brain dump things and [[tag them]] with stuff. Hopefully it will turn into something useful later on.

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            If you ever wanted to turn (some of) your Roam notes into a digital garden, I can help you with the groundwork ;)

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