The best affiliates are like sore thumbs

The secret I'm about to share with you is so audacious that chances are, you've been subconsciously ignoring it because of a deep-seated fear of failure.

It's time to stop covering your eyes! 🙈

Always do this part first

Pinpoint the influencers in your target market.

Then, follow them, like their posts, mention their username, comment on their pictures, slide in their DMs, subscribe to their newsletters, reply to their automated emails, buy their courses.

Do whatever the fuck it takes to become a blip on their radar short of showing up butt ass naked in their kitchen.

These relationships will start off one-sided, and they won't be very rewarding, but you must persist. Remember that starving for attention is one of the three natural states of a hack.

The best time to start putting in this work is months before you launch, the second best time is now.

Glam it up

Trailed by the fragrances of hairspray and Anxiety N° 9, your product leaves the dressing room and blunders about in the general direction of the main stage.

You've been rubbing backs for a minute now and some of your relationships with influencers are finally beginning to sprout. You're still missing one vital thing before you can bend the knee and propose partnership though.

That is, the perfect ring.

A juicy offer 🍉

Come up with a deal mouthwatering enough to make any sensible influencer drool. Not the same chum you use to bait the droves of affiliate marketers.

🚀 For this rocket surgery we have a simple litmus test.

Does the sensible influencer look at your offer in the same way Tyga looks at Doja Cat in the Juicy music video?
Doja Cat and Tyga

If not, then make it better. When it's that good, start pitching it.

You'll get ignored at first, but recall the second natural state of a hack is dealing with rejection.

You just need one yes.

If you know what the third natural state of a hack is, comment it below or tweet it @ me. I'm still trying to figure it out.

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    @most - 3rd state is disbelief, relief & for the crazier ones out there, aiming higher ?!?!

    1. 2

      😆 We've definitely all felt those before.

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