Software as a Service July 3, 2020

The Best Alternatives to Google Analytics according to the IH Community

Gordon Frayne @gordon

Last week I asked the IH community for some alternatives to Google Analytics. If I am honest, I am not an expert in analytics by any means, but I was thinking that there had to be some good alternatives other than big G.

Here are some of the best alternatives as curated by the community:

  1. from Indie Hacker's own @markosaric
  2. Matamo
  3. Splitbee
  4. Fathom
  5. Simple Analytics
  6. Mixpanel for product metrics

Some more analytics tools being built by Indie Hackers:

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    I can +1 Plausable.

    I started using it a week ago on and it works great. It gives me what I need in a light weight privacy first package. 👍

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      I just started using Plausible too on So far I'm really enjoying it a lot.

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        Glad to hear this! Thank you both for supporting Plausible!

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      Great stuff @ATLChris

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    I compiled a GA alternative list on my blog. First 6 being open-source. Depending on your programming background you can pick one made in Elixir, Go, PHP, and Crystal.

    I also put Plausible as a first one, because of the open-source nature, Elixir backend (valuable to me if I want self-host or contribute) and fair pricing. I use Fathom now though and testing Netlify analytics (will hopefully report on it soon).

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      Thanks for this @strzibnyj

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      Thanks Josef for featuring Plausible!

  3. 3 built by indiehacker, me.

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      Unrelated, but I love the artwork on your landing page. Giving me beautiful claymation vibes.

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      Thanks for sharing @donaldng

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    Happy Fathom customer here!

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    I've been using Fathom for 1.5 years on Packetriot and it works great. Would use it for other projects. I self-host it but they provide hosting solutions that might be worth considering.

    I've used Fathom in parallel with GA for a short time and found that they measure activity almost identically.

    GA quick to setup, Fathom may require more work upfront but the GA dashboard is so complicated now and Fathom provides my metrics simply and effectively.

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      Thanks for the insight @jborak

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    Thanks, @gordon for listing FoxMetrics, however, the link is incorrect, it should be

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      Thanks for catching that @subzero. I have updated it now. Cheers!

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    I have looked at a lot of alternatives, and I always come back to GA because the alternatives seem to only offer vanity metrics and are missing the key features required for ecomm/SaaS.

    Tracking page views and referral sources in isolation is a useless metric (unless you're running a blog).

    The real value in analytics comes from setting up goals and funnels and being able to slice 'n dice data across multiple dimensions and filter by source, campaign, demographic etc.

    I need to understand where my conversions are coming from and which channels are performing the best.

    If there is one of these alternatives that offers these features then I'd love to give it a try, I dislike Google and would rather pay for a great analytics service with a better UI and email reports.

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      This is a good point @kylegawley. Thanks for sharing. It can be hard to match all of the features and functionality of GA with another tool.

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    There’s also — completely OSS!

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      Thanks for sharing @rmrm

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    I’ve been a happy Matomo customer for two months and can confirm it’s a solid alternative to GA. It was worth the switch!

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      Thanks for sharing @radiomorillo

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    Anybody using Netlify Analytics (if you host your site on Netlify)? I like the idea of not relying on client-side javascript and tracking pixels. It captures all the info server-side.

    But it does seem a little expensive ($9 per site) for what little it offers compared to some of these other ones.

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      How is it for handling bots?

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    If you're looking to do even more with data check out our free program to grow sign ups/conversions/monetization/retention with data science. We are still looking for 5 more people to work with.

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      Thanks for sharing @philipp_cannons