Product Development July 13, 2020

The Best Onboarding Process?

Matt Meadows @meadowsm

Hey IH!

I need some help...We're working on our onboarding process and I'm trying to find other examples of really well-designed and easy-to-follow flows. Does anyone have a specific sites/tool that comes to mind? Thanks!

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    Duolingo is a great example of an onboarding that flows and shows customers the value in your product right away! It was an inspiration for our own onboarding experience.

    Here's a helpful article explaining its merits:

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      Came here to say this, so huge +1 on their elegant way of getting you started.

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      Yeah I saw them on a list as well. Super simple. I love the step-by-step restrictions so that you know exactly what you're looking at and what you have to do.

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        Agreed. Helped me to realize that you have to get your customers to that early value realization as soon as you can, but also in creative and simple ways. And showing them is better than trying to get them to read an email or a blurb somewhere.

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    Some onboarding email examples if you need em!

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      Another awesome resource - aside from the in-product onboarding we'll definitely need help with the email campaigns. Thanks Matt!

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    Hi Matt, I've curated 19 SaaS onboarding flows on SaaSFrame 👉

    I personally like simple flows that just let you try the product's main features in few secondes. VideoAsk is a great examples :

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      Heck yeah!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. 2 has a particularly interesting onboarding that highlights their unique features and give the users some practice at the same time (credit our developer on the team for point this out!)

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      Yeah! A friend of mine made a video going through it actually. Using emails to go through the walk through is awesome.

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    The Mac app for Loom is so good at this

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    Hey Matt,

    I have curated a list for that;

    Here's the list: Best Practices for User Onboarding

    Also, here's two of my favorite site for checking user on-boarding examples:


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      Thanks so much - this is a fantastic list. Went through a example. We've been struggling with having people actually set things up but also educating them on next steps once they're done. This is very helpful!

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        Awesome hope it helps :) Good luck with Getspeedback.

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    Intercom's product tour is a great no-code solution for onboarding if you are already using them for other purposes.

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      Agreed! All the resources they send you and the steps they make you go through are simple and easy to understand. It wasn't a hassle at all to set up. Although, they did badger me with a lot of emails, I had to tell them to stop.

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      Yeah -- I've just started to play around with it a bit. It's pretty good for an out of the box solution. It's a good way to test out onboarding flows and if they're good... you can implement them within the product itself.

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      Ah thanks! Not using them currently but will take a look. Love their landing page - connecting the dots.

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    Would love to know too

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    I originally was looking at Pendo for their guides but decided to shop around. A lot of the options o found just didn’t make sense in my budget at this stage. Ultimately, I ended up adopting HelpHero this past weekend. I’m sure my tours could use some refinement but I’ve already seen a noticeable improvement in engagement by free trial users. Previously I had an unfortunately high rate of users signing up for trials and not using them at all.

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      Thanks so much Chris! Really appreciate the help. Will certainly look into them.