Landing Page Feedback October 19, 2020

The best times to post on Twitter...

Jamal Mashal @jamalx31

Hey fellow IHers,

Last month I posted that I'm building a Buffer competitor. Your feedback made me realize that the landing page and value proposition of my product wasn't clear enough or unique.

So I spent some time iterating on the landing page and the product core value.

Would love to hear your thoughts about it

p.s: a demo video I posted on reddit. I think I should add it to the landing page as well

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    Looks nice! While this is in beta, I found a tool which might help in building your audience list.

  2. 1

    Yeah Jamal, this is a hit. Throwing in the Evergreen thing makes it really appealing.

    This anxiety is swelling up though: "Is this going to be a lot of work?" Writing threads is work. That evergreen stuff is work.

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    I bet @ankleio has a good answer to the question: When is the best time to post on Twitter?

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    Looking good! Spotted a typo: "Hatchy is more than a scheduling tool. Explore our features, a be a step ahead." => "Hatchy is more than a scheduling tool. Explore our features, and be a step ahead." You also still have the react favicon, might be nice to replace with the hatched chick.

    1. 1

      Thanks! will fix those!

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